About Simon Jordan

“If I’d followed all the rules I’d never have gotten anywhere”
Marilyn Monroe

I’ve always been one to think differently and to not live a conformist life.

From a difficult childhood to being on drink and drugs, weighing 322lbs (23 stone) and wanting to end it all at the age of 28 I decided enough was enough and made the decision to turn my life around. Only I could do this. The Doctors said I was depressed and just handed over pills. This I knew was not the way forward.

Within 18 months I had got myself clean and finished the London Marathon in 3hrs 45 minutes and now weighing 182 lbs (13 stone). I felt fantastic and empowered to make more changes to his world.

Fascinated on how I had made the mental and physical shift to turn my life around I wanted to know more. I then went on the hunt for more knowledge.

I trained in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and read all the books I could on the subject of coaching, mindset and empowerment.

I walked on fire (three times), jumped out of airplanes, raced motorbikes and lived life to the full in the search for new goals and experiences.


Simon Jordan ParachutingSimon Jordan


Then in 2001 my world changed with the birth of my boy Kashi.

Then 2 years later my baby girl Maili (pronounced Miley)
was born and I had the pleasure of delivering her (because the midwife was 45 minutes late).  ‘one of the most amazing and love filled experiences ever’


Life still wasn’t plain sailing as I then went through a divorce and bankruptcy. Feeling totally heart broken I was fortunate enough to land a job working for Sky TV as a well paid marketing consultant. After 18 months I realised that the corporate world wasn’t for me. I felt like a tiny cog in a huge engine.


I wanted to make a difference and make a change.

And from my earlier experiences I knew too well that the only person to make that change was myself.
So in 2008 I decided to leave my well-paid job and start up on my own, where I could share my business building and marketing knowledge with small business owners. My friend’s thought I was crazy but I went on regardless. 1 year in and running my new business, I decided I wanted to take my message of helping business owners global.


From local to global in just 7 months

In April 2009 I setup SimonJordan.TV – my online marketing TV channel.

Simon Jordan Marketing

Within 7 months of starting my TV channel I had been asked to speak in America and had picked up clients from around the globe. In the same year I had also made the decision to setup my own online radio show where I interviewed business people from around the globe on their success stories.

I had also written my best selling book How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers) which continues to sell well around the globe via Amazon.
Both of my shows had grown critical acclaim from all areas of the business world.

Then in 2012 I launched my philanthropic venture One Planet One Place, the name coming from my own quote “The world isn’t separated by countries, it’s separated by ignorance – One Planet One Place.”

The aim of the venture is to make a difference in the world.
“it only takes one person to make a difference”

Within one month from launching the site I saw over 22,500 visitors to the site and one month later was number one on Google out of 1.5 billion sites.
In the ventures first 9 months I had recorded over 192 shows comprising of interviews with some incredible and inspiring people.

The One Planet One Place Facebook page has now become a community of over 170,000 (as of Feb 2016) people and recently hit a reach of over 7 million.

I feel very lucky to have got here and hope my journey and what I have learnt I can help others like you (if you need it that is)

Thank you for reading

With humble gratitude

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Simon Jordan


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