Are you showing enough love to your clients?

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Simon JordanHave you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?
This is used in lots of different scenarios but this instance I’m talking about spending 80% of the time looking for new clients and then only 20% keeping them.

Let’s look at that in respect of a relationship.
You find someone you like and spend time courting and wooing them.
You fall in love and decide to move into together and for want of a better terminology you’ve got them or rather won them over. Doesn’t sound very romantic that last bit but bare with me.

You’re now living together and all the wooing and courting has now stopped – why? Because you’ve got them.
You stop doing the romantic gestures, which you did with great abundance at the start of the relationship. The little messages of love. The thoughtful comments. The roses and chocolates, the meals out. The talk of the happy future and everything else that wins ‘them’ over

And now because the deal has been done (as it were) all the little things that made the deal complete have finished.

So if this is the case how do you think the other party now feels?
Do you think they now believe that you don’t care anymore?
That because you’re with them, they feel you don’t need to try anymore?
All those little things that lit the fire have been left to burn out.

This would be classic relationship suicide wouldn’t it?

Well it’s exactly the same with your business.
So many people spend so much time going out of their way to grab new clients and when they have landed them all the things they did to capture them, all the love they showed them has now disappeared.

The client then meets a new supplier and because they start to woo and show them some love your client decides to jump ship.

Apologies if this is sounding like an article from but it all relates so well.

Simon JordanSo what can you do?
What can you do to keep the spark alight and the business love flowing?

Simple – say Thank you once in a while.
Find out about your clients. What they like, what their hobbies are
Do they have kids, pets
What is their birthday

Send them cards of thanks
Send them a bottle of wine to show how much you appreciate them

Be proactive instead of reactive.
I’m constantly on the look out for ideas to help my clients.
Different ways that will help them market their business more effectively.
Even articles in the press that relates to what they are doing.

When was the last time one of your suppliers called you and said thank you or called to say ‘hey I just read something which I think you’ll like’ or something similar.

So why should we keep up the ‘love’ and the fire lit?
Your clients are also the best resource for referrals.
So many people spend so long looking out for new clients when in fact keep the fire lit with the ones you already have and ask them whom they know who could also do with your help.


Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share the love and pass this on because you may just save someone’s business life.


To your onward branding success

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Simon Jordan

Simon is a branding and marketing consultant, coach, author, keynote speaker, photographer and philanthropist

“because it only takes one person to make a difference”

Simon lives in London with his partner, is a dad of 2, step dad of 3, dog owner and a lover of the outdoors and fitness challenges.





Posted on February 14, 2014 in Business Growth, Simon Jordan Blog

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