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Have you ever searched for your own name on Google?

It’s not an egotistical thing (honestly), but if you are building a personal brand then this is a good thing to do in order to see how you fair and where you appear on the giant that is Google.

If people are searching for you then your name should appear on Google and tell the visitor where to go in order to find out more about you.

I searched for my name before I wrote this post and here are the results

That’s number 2 out of 79,100,000 results. Considering there are a lot of Simon Jordans out there, this is a great result.

So how do we get up on page 1 of Google without paying for it?

Well before I go into the strategy for this I need to explain how Google works.
When you load up a website to the internet Google will come along with it’s scan bots and search the site and catalogue all the information that is there.

It then takes that info back to the Google mother ship and place you within the search results.

Then about a month later Google will come back again and see what else you have added to the site. If nothing has changed then Google will probably leave you were you are on the search engines or maybe drop you down.

But if you have updated the site since the last visit you will be rewarded and possibly moved up on the search results.

CONSISTENCY is the key
If you are adding to your site on a regular basis and using the important keywords that’s your name (if that’s what you want to be found for) then Google will start to come back and visit your site more frequently and reward you accordingly. The more you update – the more Google will visit.

For example on September 10th 2012 I launched my other business which is  and this site gets added to every day (Mon-Fri) and every post i write / film has the keywords One Planet One Place written in it.

In just two months from a standing start the site featured at number 1 on Google out of 1,330,000,000 that’s nearly 1.5 billion results – see screen shot below

As any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) person will tell you that’s pretty awesome.
But this is only because we have been consistent in our approach.

You don’t need to be a big business with lots of cash to throw at the site.
If you are updating your site on a consistent basis – blogs are great for this. Then you WILL be crowned king and find yourself number 1 on Google.

Another example – A client’s site we haven’t even finished at the time of this post is already on page 1 of Google, because the name of the site and the SEO we have already done on the site means that Google has found the site (or rather we forced Google to search it) and we have already been awarded and that is out of 18 million results.

All my sites are built in WordPress and I have loaded on them some amazing plug-ins such as All In One SEO Pack and this little beauty helps me get up on Google.
Google XML Sitemaps is another and together these are excellent at getting the results you want.

But consistency is the key. Writing posts on your chosen subject on a regular basis is the real key to all of this. The more you write the more you will be rewarded, but make sure you use the right keywords that you want to be found for.

Building your personal brand or company brand and using these strategies is a sure-fire way to being found on Google and to be on page 1.

When I originally posted this on my old site within 45 minutes after this post was written and made live, it was on Google in position 1. Think how good that would be for your business and being able to write about something in the news that’s key to your business growth and be found by your prospective clients and customers? Now that would be great for sure.


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With gratitude

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Simon Jordan

Simon is a branding and marketing consultant, coach, author, keynote speaker, photographer and philanthropist

“because it only takes one person to make a difference”
Simon lives in London with his partner, is a dad of 2, step dad of 3, dog owner and a lover of the outdoors and fitness challenges.









Posted on July 16, 2014 in Business Growth, Simon Jordan Blog

  • heidijo59

    How do we know what keywords will work for us?

  • Hi Heidi, I suggest using the Google Keyword planner tool. You need to have a Google account which is free. If you know your target market then you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of things they are searching for. The tool will give you lots of variations of what they are searching for and you can then use this for blog post ideas and of course SEO work on your site.
    With gratitude

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