Why small business owners need this in their personal branding

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Why do people buy from you?

This is an important question to ask when personally branding yourself.

If you are the face of the business then you need to know why people buy from you in order to embody this into your marketing.

If people buy from you because you are passionate, energetic and enjoyable but your website does not embody this, then I bet you are losing sales.

Emotional purchase

People buy on emotion and if they love certain things about you and that is why they want to work with you then it’s crazy to not have this message and feeling on conveyed website.

Personal branding is key when you are running your own business and if you are the face of it. I always ask this question of my clients and sometimes they have to go and do some research as to why people buy from them.

My clients love to work with me because of my passion, my energy and also my understanding of what they are wanting to do. So my marketing reflects these qualities. I want working with me to be fun, and that comes across in my website, videos and blog posts.

Personal branding is so very important for us the small business owners and when you get it right, it’s onwards and skywards for both gathering clients and boosting your profits.

So take ask yourself why people buy from you. Make a list of answers and then with this list look at your website and other marketing and see if they match.

I had a client who was full of passion and energy and this is why his client’s worked with him. He told me that he was struggling to get leads from his website. When we looked at this, it was immediately obvious that it was a mismatch of messages and image.

We quickly changed this and the leads quickly started to flood in.

Image is everything when it comes to marketing and you never get a second chance at a first impression.

People will make up their mind within a few seconds so these few seconds are crucial.

So spend sometime getting this element of your marketing right.

Even the small things matter

Colours for branding

If you are in a formal business then the use of bright garish colours would be a mismatch. A more subtler palette would be preferable.

If you are very energizing and want this to come across in your marketing then brighter colours will work well for you.

Fonts are just as important

A formal business needs a formal typeface or something that isn’t too whacky.

For example this font would not work for a Lawyers branding and certainly not the colour

Where as this font and colour would give the right image and show an element of trust and being well established.

So colours, fonts, pictures and even the tone of voice you use in your marketing all lead to giving the right impression for your prospective clients.


What is it about you that you think your customers like?

Love to have your comments and feedback so please leave them below.

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To your onward success

Thanks for reading

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Posted on January 4, 2014 in brand values, Branding, Marketing, Simon Jordan Blog

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