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You don’t reap the same month you sow

Simon Jordan Branding and Coaching
Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe
May 22, 2017
You don't reap the same month you sow.

When I started my business up some 8 years ago now I went to pretty much every networking event there was.
I even setup and ran a few. In those early years I met and engaged with so many people both in real life and on Social Media too from all over the globe.

The last few years I've not been to a single networking event, not done a single webinar or any other properly organised promo event and yet I've got four new clients from Australia, quite a few from the UK, Ireland and across the USA too.

I even took a year off to move to France and start up a completely different business there, even though that all went horribly south.

My work now helps me to create my life from the inside out and run my life the way I want to. Today for example I took 4 hours off to go running in the mountains and that allows me creative time and to energise myself so I'm more fired up and passionate when I come back to work rather than burnt out or running close to the line.

I put it all down to the early years. Hard work and building strong relationships with people.

To add value as you go. To really care about your clients.
Just because the invoice has been paid doesn't mean you should stop caring. If you're in this just for the money then think again.
Be real, be authentic, show love and don't be afraid to be proud of your achievements. Don't be the best kept secret.
To keep learning and always, always, always work from your heart NOT the head. This is the ego and will attract the wrong work and energy.

So don't think what you are doing now isn't working. The seeds you sow today doesn't turn into the beautiful field of gold next month. But given time, love and nurturing you'll have one amazing business.

Keep going my friend, keep focussed and keep visualising what you desire for you and your business, really feel it not just picture it and then let it flow.

If you’d like some help in growing your brand and getting in the flow with attracting the right clients and feeling great about what you're doing then let’s have a chat.

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With love and gratitude and to your onward success.
Simon Jordan Branding and Coaching
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Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe