4 things you need to know for business success

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10 years in and the 4 key things I’ve learnt

Back in 2009, I waved goodbye to the corporate world or should I say stuck two fingers up to it.
I left Sky TV and with zero clients and pretty much an empty bank balance I decided to go and make it on my own.
Yes I was fearful and worried about failure and didn’t have a proper plan.
Friends thought I was a bit mad and looking back I can’t say I blame them.
In the coming years, I’ve learnt so much.

I’ve learnt that it takes 4 key elements


Faith because you really need to have it in your skills and your energy to learn new ones.

The Belief that you will get to where you’re heading. Success is a mindset game. It’s such an old quote but it’s always so relevant “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford. And never a truer sentence is spoken. I look at any success like an adventure and with any adventure, there is always up and downs. I mean who’s ever heard of sliding up a mountain. If you anticipate some pitfalls you’ll be set.

Guts are the next one and it does take guts to step out on your own. To go it alone and keep moving forward and if you have, then I applaud you. It’s not for everyone but the rewards are incredible. Freedom, chance to explore new ideas and financially too.

And finally Action. Without action, everything is wasted. I mean I could have easily sat and thought about writing this blog but without action, you’d not be reading it right now.
To run a business takes many skills and it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend the book The E-Myth by Michael Gerber which explores this and could help save your business.

'...shut the duck up and carry on.'

I want to just go back to the Belief section.
As I type this I’m currently training for the London Marathon and I’ve been training hard and recently I ran a half marathon. It was hard because only the week before I’d run a tough and very hilly 18-mile training run and I was struggling. Quite a few times during the half marathon my mind suggested a little stop would be nice in order to rest but I had to flip it around and tell myself to shut the duck up and carry on.

Mindset is so important. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been awake in the early hours worrying about one thing or another and it’s useless and wasted energy.
I’ve now learnt to switch that off now by just telling myself that it's the early hours nonsense, to acknowledge it and say thanks but no thanks.
There will always be the gremlins in your head and you can’t afford to focus on them.
Sitting there at your desk worrying or stressing won’t help. For me, I get up and go for a walk or a run. Moving the body really helps and when you get moving it can help you see the problem from a different angle.
Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on. People who celebrate your successes with you. People who want to see you succeed and can also support you when the s### hits the fan.

This really is so important and I am really grateful for the people I have in and around my business.

So remind yourself how far you've come if you're already on the path of creating the business you want. Don't compare yourself with others because this is a sure fire way of getting nowhere.
Keep moving forward and know I've got your back.

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With gratitude


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