4 Ways to Get You Focused and Back in Flow

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Have you ever got to the end of the day and asked yourself ‘what did I actually achieve today?’

Maybe like a lot of us you suffer from the bright shiny object syndrome. In other words you get easily distracted by everything except what you’re supposed to be focusing on and then find you’ve done lots of little things but not actually done anything significant.

Lacking in focus is something that will kill productivity and also cause stress.

You’re not alone – many days I used to sit there flitting from one thing to another. ‘I’ll just check Facebook.’ Then an hour later I’m still on there having commented on others people’s posts and watched a view funny videos.

Facebook is brilliant and has brought me in a lot of business but it’s also sucked away my time too when I’ve not been focused.

‘Oh, I’ve just heard an email come through, I’ll just go and check that’.

Then before I know it another hour has been lost.

You get the picture right!

It happens to us all or rather it did for me. I used to finish work and feel so stressed that my list hadn’t really gotten any smaller. I really felt I’d wasted my time and then I would have to either work late to catch up or work over the weekend too and as the saying goes ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ Well I was feeling very dull, stressed and down about it all. My own fault entirely.

Without proper downtime we lose energy.

On the days when I did really focus I felt fantastic and energised by how much work I’d actually got done. How much I had achieved and I felt really great about it. I wanted more days like this and I knew it would make a dramatic difference to my overall business and turnover.

I needed a plan.

So what can be done to stop all the distractions to get focussed and get stuff done?

Barricade yourself into a cupboard

Wear blinkers so you can only look directly in front of you Turn off everything except what you are working on Or you could try these more sensible ways

Turn off automatic send and receive from your emails. Unless you are a doctor and on call, the World will not stop spinning if you don’t reply within a few hours.

'...23 minutes to get back into focus again!..'

Studies have been done showing how long it takes to get back in to the flow again and it’s around 23 minutes which is a long time if you’re constantly shifting from one thing to another. No wonder our brains are worn out after running multiple marathons every day.

I only check my emails twice per day.

I have out of office turned on and the message that I send out is the following


Thank you for your email.

The world is a busy place so in order to remain focussed on my clients I only check emails at 10am and 4pm each day so I will respond then however, if it's urgent, you can send an email to my PA Michelle at Michelle@SimonJordan.com or call our answer service on +44 (0)20 8938 3393

Thank you for your patience and wishing you a great day wherever you may be in the world.

With gratitude



I've used this method for years now and my clients know when I'm working on their work that I am focussed.

Here’s another great tip I found recently

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox try installing this excellent little free extension called Block Site.

When loaded you can specify which sites you want to block.

Block Site click here to see their site.

So for example you can block Facebook between certain times.

If you use Gmail you can also block yourself from checking emails too which is great.

I like the way the app tells you how many times you’ve tried to view the website. Almost like a telling off.

You can schedule posts on your Facebook pages too so this can be done before the start of the day freeing you up to focus on what needs to be done.

My Day Planner

One of my all time ways to get more focus is to plan your day the night before.

I have been doing this for years now and something an old boss instilled in me. Before I leave my office I always make sure that I have written down my to do list, calls etc on my Day Planner (get your copy of my day planner here). I can then leave and head back home without worrying about what I have to do.

It’s also a great feeling knowing that the following day when I turn up at the office that I don’t have to then spend 10-15 minutes working out what I need to start first.

When I’m really busy I plan a few days in advance and I always prioritise my to do list.

Here are my top 4 tips for better productivity

1. Turn off auto send and receive and if you can install block site

2. Plan your day the night before – grab my day planner on the link above

3. Put in the autoresponder that tells people you only check your email a few times a day

4. Get a company to answer your phone for you.

I recommend this company who answer my calls 24/7 and then email or txt me the details of who has called. Click here to view their website. This means I can choose when to call back and it doesn’t interrupt my flow.

Try the above ideas and let me know how you get on. I'd also love to know how you like the Day Planner.

Leave your comments and ideas below

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With gratitude


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