5 Keys to Powerful Marketing

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My five key points to creating powerful marketing.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode, and weekly episode, of my marketing hints and tips.

So, this is really important. If you want to create powerful marketing. Now, you see, we live in a world of confusion don't we, and a sea of impatience. So, it's important that what we put out there stands out.

That's obviously that's what we want. Otherwise who's going to read our stuff, who's going to watch it? So these are my five top tips of creating powerful marketing.

So first one is STOP. You see when you're looking through websites, or you're looking through an advert in, in a magazine. for example, what's going to make them stop?

That's the first thing. So I've talked about this in previous episodes of these videos what your target market is thinking. So you need to have a headline which is going to grab their attention.

If you think about the newsstands, when you see the headlines what grabs your attention? Obviously you don't want to be putting out negative stuff that the media does! But what is going to grab your attention, your target market’s attention? What's going to make them stop in their tracks?

So that's the first point stop. The second one is FOCUS

Okay, so I've stopped now, I'm tuned in, I'm now focused so that image or that that headline, or leaflet, or advert or website. It's got to attract them visually and the headline has got to be strong as well. Or maybe just one or the other so it might be a powerful image, or be a powerful message of the strong headline.

So you need to understand what is going on in the mind of your target market it’s a really powerful one and I've talked about this before. So what is it they're looking for. And the next one is, so they've stopped there focused, now it's READ, LISTEN or WATCH.

So obviously if it’s a video like this they're watching and listening as well. So it depends on the medium.

Now, the next point number four is absolutely key EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT.

So this is really really key throughout it all, you see we buy on emotions don't we. That's what we do. I mean, when was the last time you went out and say hey darling let's go out and be sold to.

You don't do you? Because we buy on emotion, we buy on something that relates to us. We buy something that we know we want. We have a lack in our lives for that or something that just makes us come alive or whatever It might be. But at the end of the day we buy an emotion even painkillers. We go out and buy painkillers because it's on emotion because we don't want to have that pain do we? Really, really simple so emotional engagement?

So what is it you can do to emotionally engage with them. Do you understand what's going on in their mind, right now? Now I keep talking about this in previous episodes as well. If you go to my website, you'll find them on there.

But it's what do they really want? What are they looking for? So if you're a coach, for example, let's say you help people with the confidence.

And again, I've talked a lot about this just giving this as an example because it's such an easy example, but if they're lacking with confidence, what can you put out there that will emotionally engage with them.

So it might be something like are you struggling to get more money from your job? Lacking confidence on going out on your first date? Things like that.

Those will emotionally engage with the target market if that's what they're looking for. So let's he's giving up smoking for example, let's say you help people, your a hypnotherapist and you help give up smoking, you know, it could be worried about that persistent cough? Or worried that you won't be around for your kids in the future? That kind of stuff.

Stop smoking now, so it's an emotionally engaging line and the final fifth point, which is really key is the CTA: CALL TO ACTION.

So you've made me stop, you've made me focused, I've read, listened or watched and you've emotionally engaged with me. Now what? What do you want me to do now? Now here's a really really clear hint come closer, come closer. This is really important. Don't use for more information call. Because what that implies is that they have a question.

They might not have a question. Make it really simple. Call to action make it simple. Stop smoking now phone 0800 whatever it might be. Whatever that call to action will be. To book an appointment call. To find out about the latest program, email, phone, go to the website, whatever, make it really, really simple. So just to go through those points again.

Stop, Focus, Read Listen or Watch. Emotional engagement that’s key out of all these points, that's really really key. And then finally Call To Action make it really really simple. You get all these combined together, you create beautiful marketing that works.

I hope that's helped. If you want more information go to my website, SimonJordan.com and I look forward to seeing you on the next weekly episode.

Take care. Bye.

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