5 things you need when creating an new idea

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So, what makes something easy to understand.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and I want to talk to you about when you're promoting your business or when you're coming up with an idea. So many times, people over complicate it or when they're trying to offer it, they're selling it. They talk so much about the features. You know we can do this or I've trained for that or I've got so many years’ experience or I've got a red front door. No one actually gives a crap, what they want to know is how can it benefit them. What are the benefits what do they get at the end of it, but also when you're presenting your business, you've got to make it really, really clear.

Now when I came up with the idea for 5 things clear, I was just standing on a beach with a phone and my dogs and I saw all the litter lying around everywhere and I thought wouldn't it be great if everyone on the beach could pick up just five things. And we'd then clear the beach. You know it would be clear of litter. Hence 5 things clear so, I created 5 things clear and if you know the story, it went global within less than two months. It's literary is a global initiative now, I launched a new campaign beginning this year 2019. We've now picked up over 110,000 pieces a letter from all over the globe which is just phenomenal. But the main five things I always like to go with numbers and again, think about this concept when you're thinking of doing something if you've come up with an idea you've got to make it really, really simple. When I used to present to businesses and I still do, and they're trying to work out what is their strap line whatever, sometimes I remember there was one time I went off to the loo and came back with this bottle of bleach and put it on the table and I said Guys 'what does that do?' Looking at me as if I'm mad, they said 'it kills germs!' That is it. That is as simple as that bleach kills germs. Yes, it does lots of this stuff as well, and it's bad for the planet. Blah, blah, blah. But it's a really, really simple concept. So, when you're thinking about your business what is the one thing it does make it really, really simple?

So, going back to 5 things clear. I have five principles.

1. Make it simple

2. Make it catchy

3. Make it clear

4. Make it easy to get involved

And number 5. Make it easy to share

Really important, you know if you've got something that's too complicated.

A confused buyer is a non-buyer. So, if it's too complicated, people won't want to get involved, they won't want to share it, they won't understand it.

So, make it simple, make it catchy, make it clear, make it easy to get involved and make it easy to share and 5 things clear is a total embodiment of that.

I live by those rules when I'm setting that up and how quickly it spread. So those are the five things so, bear in mind when you're coming up with a new idea. If its too complicated people don't understand it, they won't get involved.

So good luck and I'll see you soon. Bye.

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