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So, how do you feel about being on camera?

Hi! This is Simon Jordan with a brand new haircut and I'm going to give you my new marketing hints and tips. This time it's about video.

I'm going to give you my five top tips on how to be really good on camera.

Tip number one; looking directly into the lens.

A lot of people when they're recording a video, they do it on the laptop. The laptop is on the desk, they're sitting up higher, they're looking down. Not a great look. It's sort of subconsciously the viewer will see you as a bit sort of domineering, a bit sort of overpowering.

So make sure that your head is level with the camera and if you have to, stick a little note on the lens where the lens is.

This is recording on an iPhone so I know I'm looking directly into the lens. I'm looking into your eyes. It's really important to get that engagement. Video is so powerful.

I've done video blogging for years. It helped build the business.

And I used to run a Facebook group called The Video Blogging Challenge. It doesn't exist anymore so don't go there, and I wanted to get across that getting used to videoing. It's so important.

I get a lot of my clients, when they're not used to it, to record them making a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, really simple, just gets them used to being on camera.

Get that energy across, that passion.

So, that's tip number one; looking directly into the lens.

Tip number two; good sound quality.

I'm using a little microphone, little Rode mic, it's a lapel mic. This isn't a dead mouse. This is actually a wind protector.

Look at how you're building it out, what colours do you want to use which will attract your target market but also reflect your personality, as well, and then make sure wherever that brand appears, wherever the touch points are, it is consistent.

So when you're outside recording, you don't hear all that swoosh noise and it is terrible.

You might do a fantastic video, but then when you've got all that noise, you can't hear them. So what's the point in that, it's a waste, isn't it?

So get yourself a good mic. That is a Rode mic, R-O-D-E mic. It's a lapel mic. And the wind, I think it was just about a fiver, $10 or something, really, really cheap.

Third point is, number three, good lighting, really important.

Now, I've seen a lot of videos where people stand in front of a window, for example, and the video is then shooting them and the window behind and what the camera tries to do, it tries to balance the whiteness out. So, it's called the white balance.

What happens is the lens, the camera focuses on the background so the subject just blacks out. It's really bad lighting.

Turn it around. Have the window behind the camera so the natural light is coming through to you. Lights you up perfectly.

In fact, sunlight is the best lighting and a dull day is even better because you get a nice diffused light.

So, that's tip number three.

Tip number four is energy.

Energy is really important. A lot of people, and this is all down to practise. You can read all the books out there, but energy is really important.

When you start your video, if you're sitting at your desk, sometimes the energy is slumped. Maybe a bit not very confident and that will come through on the camera.

So, my suggestion is press record, go off-camera, dance around, put your music on, whatever you want to do, and then come back on, then deliver.

That's a brilliant way just to bring that energy onto camera.

Because this is your chance to engage with people, for people to become "Wow look at him!" or whatever. Get your passion, your enthusiasm, your energy across.

And the final fifth tip is pausing!

Really, really key. See, what a lot of people do, they're so glad the video's over they'll go, "And that's it, thank you very much, goodbye," stop.

It gives you no space to edit. There's no way you can fade out to your logo or whatever it is.

So my suggestion is, do it at the beginning as well, compose yourself, I'm out of breath now, I shouldn't be. Compose yourself. So you've pressed record. You've done your jiggling around. Compose yourself, then start. It's exactly what I do. At the end, say your last line, "Thanks very much, follow me on the website," whatever, pause. Then turn it off.

Because that space, oh boy! It really helps you with the editing. So you can get to fade out or whatever you want to do. Just make sure you've got space either side, intro, outro.

And that's it, that's my hints and tips on how to do good video blogging, really important.

So for more information on videoing, blogging, building your brand, everything. Just go to my website www.SimonJordan.com, down there. Follow me on social media. All the links are on the website. Be great to see you there and connect with you, because I never really know who watches these videos and it'd be great to connect with you.

This is me, Simon Jordan, signing off, goodbye. This is the pause! Take care, see you next week, bye.

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