5 ways to create online engagement

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Social Media is such a massive world these days and your prospective clients are watching.

I recently had a client who when asked where she had heard of me, she explained that she’d been watching me for a while. Have to say it does sound kinda weird like some stalker but social media makes that happen and that’s why it’s important we are careful what we post.

Someone once said ‘If you want more clients from social media, then don’t be a d###’

Don’t shoot the messenger but this quote was actually bang on.

Social media is a stage and somewhere where you can add value and engage with your target audience.

I wrote an article many years ago called Your Online DNA which explained that what you post out there, stays out there. I’m so glad they didn’t have social media in the 1980’s, I don’t think I’d have any clients now.


Social media means we can check people out before we buy from them. The great thing about this (when done correctly) is that we, can show the world the real and authentic ‘us’, something a big corporate just can’t do. So it’s important that we show off our skills. As a coach you can share some knowledge and provide advice.

Often we see people posting about a subject they are angry with. This isn’t bad per se but do you want your prospective clients seeing you as someone who is negative and bitchy?

Remember what you put out there stays out there, so I would also say don’t air your dirty laundry on social media either because it’s the future of your business so keep those issues off social media.

The late great business philosopher Jim Rohn once said ‘You’re paid for the value you bring to the marketplace, not your time.’

Action points:

1. Create content that will add value. Share some coaching tips or share content you’ve read and become the go to resource in your niche.

2. Ask questions to your target market that will create engagement.

3. Share some insights into how you overcame an issue.

4. Post a video where you’re talking about how you help people. Video is such a great way to show the world your energy and passion. You can’t fake that kind of natural energy so it’s hugely powerful.

5. Post quotes that relate to your coaching business.

Quotes and memes are easy to share and people on Social Media like things that are easy to view and share.

Note if you create quotes I would add your website address to it so when it’s shared other people can see where the quote has come from. For example on my One Planet One Place Facebook page a few years ago I created a quote meme and it’s now been shared over 120,000 times with a reach of over 7.9 million so it really is important that everyone knows where the original quote came from.

Make a plan, create some content, start posting and start engaging with your target audience.

Good luck my friend and if you're looking for guidance to take your brand and marketing to the next level, contact me via the contact page.

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With love and gratitude.


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