5 ways to create raving fans

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Top 5 ways to create raving fans for you business for your coaching business

1. Find out what they want.

Sounds like a silly question right, but this is something that is so often overlooked.

I’ve talked about this a lot with the difference between WANTS and NEEDS.

For example my clients don’t want a branding and marketing coach

My clients want more exposure, more profits, more time freedom. They want to shine brightly and serve their clients better.

If I market my business under the NEED category I will just be shouting Branding and Marketing all the time and getting nowhere fast. Whereas I talk about the items that interest them (like this blog post for example)

How can you find out what your clients want?

Ask them is one way and you can do this by using an online questionnaire like Jotform.com or SurveyMonkey.com

A handy strategy I have been using for a while now is my Ask Simon Jordan videos as part of my Rough Cuts episodes.

I ask a question on Social Media asking my followers what marketing and branding issues they are having right now.

I then create an episode answering the questions and this does 3 things.

1. It adds value to my followers and helps them in their business

2. It proves to my followers I know what I’m talking about and can offer the right advice

3. It gives me content for my site and for my YouTube channel.

Once you know what your prospects want you can provide / create a solution.

2. Listen to them and really engage with them

Again this seems like another simple answer but listening is such a forgotten skill.

Really find out what is going on for them in their business right now. It can be a number of reasons and sometimes personal issues too. People love to know someone is there for them. You are a coach after all. I’m a branding and marketing coach but I also bring a lot of life experience to my coaching calls and guide and help my clients in any way I can.

3. Remember them

When I talk to my clients and they've told me about certain things they are doing or are about to do I make a little note and then send them a message asking how they got on or I send them a message beforehand wishing them good luck.

A client to me isn’t just someone who is paying for my skills. For me it’s a friend who needs help and guidance and someone I want to give my best too.

4. Find out what they like

This is different from what they want. Recently we finished a client’s rebrand and website. During the brand development stage I found out that my client liked white lilies so when the website and brand were complete I sent her a big bunch of white lilies.

It’s little things like this that make all the difference.

5. Tell them you love them

Ok this may sound a little over the top but I mean love in the friendly sense.

If you want your clients to be singing your praises and bringing in new leads and clients, why not sing their praises too.

Being nice isn't a one way street.

I’m going to add a 6th point to this list (sorry)

Before you go after a new client with the pound or dollar signs spinning in your eyes change this and approach them with the aim of serving them the best way possible.

This way your energy changes and the whole encounter will be so much better for both parties because when people come from a place of lack (need more money now or are desperate) the energy is not in flow.

We as coaches are here to serve. When we adopt this way of serving more the money will flow naturally.

The universe doesn't reward greed but it does reward love.

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With love and gratitude


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