A recipe for creating your personal brand

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A recipe for creating your personal brand
I was speaking to a client recently about her personal brand and I said that a good personal brand is about creating the perfect recipe of authenticity, vulnerability, confidence and telling the world your story and adding value along the way.

Let me go deeper into this.

I say recipe because a brand is made up of so many items. It’s not a logo or a strap line it’s so much more. It’s what people feel about the brand, the story of the brand and everything that goes to make the brand.

The best way I can explain creating a personal brand is by dissecting my own and what I post on Social Media.

'...people want to see beyond the business...'

My business is brand, design and marketing, that’s what brings in the clients but, these days people want to see beyond the business. People want to work with people they can relate to, be inspired by, be lead by and to also trust. Gone are the days when we can put up a sign showing our services for sale and simply wait. These days we have to work a bit harder but, I also believe it’s actually easier too because we have the power of Social Media.

My personal brand is made up of 3 elements Brand, Adventure and Contribution.
These are the 3 items that I love to do but also share to the world.
Brand being the work I do with my clients and I share this by writing blog posts such as this, recording videos and social media posts.

I then also share my adventures, be it trekking in the mountains, racing in a triathlon or something else which, comes under the banner of adventure and then we have my contribution which, is my #5ThingsClear initiative and this is my passion project where I want to give back to the environment and the wildlife.

So by sharing these 3 elements, I’m showing a side and also a greater depth to just business. This helps people see the me behind the website and business and this is what’s important.

I also share my ups and downs but not in a way that’s egotistical or, when I’m down in a complaining / bitching way because, this doesn’t create good energy.

If I’ve had a bad spell I may talk about it when I’ve come out the other side so I can see it from a more positive perspective and maybe what I share can help others who may be in the same spot.

My ups I share with the point of saying anything is possible and I hope I can motivate or inspire someone else to think the same way and go for something they want. Sharing this way I feel brings the authenticity section of the recipe.

Now let’s move onto vulnerability —  by sharing the downs and being really honest is important. When I started 2018 I chose one word to live by and that was Truth. I wanted to be true to me and to friends and colleagues be it in person or online. To share the truth about my life. Reading this makes me sound like some celebrity and it’s not meant to be like that at all.
I believe we live in a world that is becoming too polished and unreal. We can all pretend to be something or somebody but this can’t last for long. Being the real you is so much easier and genuine and on the business front will attract the right clients to you because the energy will be aligned.

The confidence part of this recipe is pretty much self explanatory and relates to the past two sections I’ve talked about. Being confident enough to share. Being confident enough to be vulnerable. Read my previous post on this — click here

'...feel it’s right and you also feel right about it too'

Now remember I said ‘a prefect recipe’ and I also mean a perfect balance. Sharing deep stuff all the time will be imbalanced and counter productive. It’s also got to be free flowing and what I mean by that is share when you feel it’s right and you also feel right about it too.

Now I don’t look at each day or week and think about my social media posts with exact precision to what I will share but, I do tune in to what I feel will work with the audience on any given day. It’s got to feel natural.

Sometimes I’ll be out with the dogs on the beach and something will catch my attention and an idea will spring up. Before I post anything I do ask myself 'what do I want from posting it?' Is it to inspire and motivate or to educate.
I don’t do bitching and complaining because to me it’s not good energy.

'...we have a message to share and have the capability to help others.'

The last piece of the personal branding recipe is adding value this is vital and I talk about this a lot if you’ve been reading my blogs. I add value by sharing my knowledge such as this blog post. I do this with the aim of helping someone who is looking to create their own personal brand or tweaking their current one. Sharing knowledge is really important and I believe we have a message to share and have the capability to help others.

So my call to action for you is to think about your own personal brand and what you can share to create your recipe.
It’s really handy breaking it down into sections like I’ve done with my Brand, Adventure and Contribution. It makes it easier when thinking about content to create.

Maybe yours could be Love, Laughs and Coaching perhaps.

Whatever your personal brand is, make it one of truth and remember you have a story to tell and there are people out there waiting to listen to you.

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With gratitude


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