Personal back-storywritten in the third person so I don't feel so self conscious

In his late 20s and on a death wish, Simon Jordan weighed 23 stone (322 lbs), he was binge eating and drinking and on drugs. Then 18 months later after making a decision to change his life around he now weighed 13 stone (182 lbs) and finished the London Marathon at 3hrs 45 minutes and now clean from drugs and drink. Jump forward to his late 30s and Simon had just left the well-paid corporate world to start his own marketing company. 1 year in and wanting to work with clients internationally he setup his own online TV channel and then within 7 months he was speaking across the states and working with clients from California to New York, from Paris to Germany.

Throughout Simon’s life he has taken massive action and achieved big results.

He has been the host of SimonJordan.TV the highly acclaimed online TV show were he shared his marketing hints and tips to a global audience.

Simon is also the author of the Amazon 5 star rated author of How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers).

With over 25 years working in marketing and advertising with some of the World’s top brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Porsche, Sky TV and Wilkinson Sword to name but a few he is also an international keynote speaker offering business and marketing advice with a good portion of motivation and humour thrown in

Simon is a branding and design consultant working with coaches and consultants from all over the globe helping them to build profitable and powerful brands.

Simon currently lives in North Wales on a farm where he spends any spare moment climbing or running in the mountains or down on the beach with his two dogs Amber and Poppy.

Simon is also the founder of One Planet One Place inspiring people to escape the busy world, become present and fall in love with life again.

On a recent survey we asked some of the clients using only single words or phrases to describe Simon and his brand. They said the following

Enthusiastic, Authentic, Caring, Inspiring, Adventurous, Positive, Integrity, Innovative, Supportive, Spiritual, Family Man, Limitless, Genuine, Focused, Committed, Energetic, Passionate

Now back to me writing in person.

Thank you for reading this, and if you decide to take the plunge and work with me, then it will be my pleasure to be by your side building your success.

My other passions

One Planet One Place – Where I aim to inspire people to escape from a busy world, become present and fall in love with life again

Click here to view the site

#5ThingsClear – My environmental project where I ask people to help clear the planet of 5 items of rubbish each day. Within 2 months of launching the initiative went global.

Click here to view the site

With love and gratitude


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