Are you adding value to your prospects?

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Are you adding value?
Hi this is Simon Jordan from Simon
This is another one of my 60 seconds help.
The great late Jim Rhon once said "you're paid for the value you bring to the market place, not your time". Otherwise we'd all be spending time in bed wouldn't we. So adding value to the market place is so important.
So in your industry whether you are a coach or consultant how can you add value? Can you do videos like this and share some of your insights? Share some your knowledge and your wisdoms. Maybe do some 60 seconds help, doing newsletters, doing blogs, sharing your knowledge or quotes or something on Instagram or all across social media. There's someone I know called Martin Baines who is a sales guy. He shares so much knowledge on LinkedIn every single day, sometimes twice a day it's fantastic. He's always adding value.
No how can you add value? And that way you get known for what it is you do because you'll be sharing knowledge, and they'll think I had a brilliant idea from this person and they'll be thinking of you. So adding value to your marketplace is such an important thing to do.
This is me Simon Jordan from Simon
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Take care. Bye.

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