Are you being consistent in your marketing?

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So are you being consistent?

Hi this is Simon Jordan from Simon This is another one of my 60 seconds help videos. Let me ask your a question, name a fizzy drink. Most people say Coca-Cola. And why is that? Because Coca-Cola are everywhere. You know they're constantly promoting. You always see their logos everywhere, all over the planet. We as business owners and entrepreneurs, single business owners, solo preneurs whatever you call it, we need to adopt the same kind of thing, we need to be consistent with our message. We need to be regularly putting newsletters out there, regularly blogging, regularly doing videos, putting on linked LinkedIn, Instagram whatever we need to be consistent. So when someone is in need of your services and they want what it is you've got to offer. If you've been consistently there in their eyes in their head whatever they will think of you. So what can you do now to be more consistent in your business?

This is me Simon Jordan from 60 seconds help go to Simon to get my free e-book and I'll speak to you soon.

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