Are you charging what you’re worth?

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'So how much do you charge?'
We've all been there when the prospective clients asks us how much we charge and we feel those nerves rise up and we quietly and unconfidently inform them and pray that they don't ask for a cheaper price and then we quickly follow our answer up with ' well I could do a deal' or something else because you don't like the silence.

Am I right?

I know I've been there too and then when we start the work we feel rather annoyed with ourselves that we didn't charge more. Am I right again?

The way forward is to get more confident – not a small task for some I know but bare with me on this. One strategy that really worked for me all those years ago was practicing saying how much I charged.

Grab a mirror
Years ago when I was a freelance designer, I went from charging £25 / $40 per hour to putting my prices up to £100 / $162 per hour. I had realised that the skills I was bringing to the table were worth a lot more than I was currently charging. But I was worried about someone asking me how much I charged. So I sat in front of a mirror (weird I know but it does work) and I would pretend that someone was asking me how much I charged and I would say in a confident way '£100 per hour'.

I kept practising until I felt it was totally natural and that I had always charged this price.

Keep Quiet
Now once you have said your price – KEEP QUIET. Yes you did read that right – KEEP QUIET. You've answered the question, now let the person digest it. If you start to chitter chatter this will come across as unconfident.

Perceived value
When you say your price with confidence and conviction the prospective client will feel more confident too and subconsciously they will feel that they will get their money's worth.

It's not always about the money it's the value you are bringing to them.
When you boost your confidence and stand firm and have belief in yourself it will all fall into place.
You need to remember that your skills are needed and you deserve to be well paid for them.

Remember why you started your business. There is no point in playing small and earning a pittance.
When you are trading your time for money then, you need to make sure you're are really paid for it.
We should never give our time away cheaply because, once our time has gone we'll never get it back and that time is time away from family and loved ones so isn't it important to make sure we value it and charge what we're worth?

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With gratitude


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