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What are you passionate about right now?
Hi this is Simon Jordan from Simon On this episode of my 60 seconds help. I want to speak to you about being passionate.
You see passion sells doesn't it? Passion is infectious.
You know if someone was to sell me a broken biro pen and they were passionate about it. You'd be more likely to buy it, crazy isn't it.
But it's so true passion is infectious. So you need to be passionate about your business.
Now I'm wearing the merchandise for my #5ThingsClear initiative. This is something I setup back in 2017 because of my passion for the planet. I want to help the environment which is what #5ThingsClear is all about.
That has taken me so far I've been to Hungary and now working with a company in L.A. because of this and we now talking about setting up something in Hong Kong and setting up an event over there and it's all down to passion. I wanted to do it and that passion gets you motivated and inspired and it will do the same to others as well. So if you're out there network in speaking to other people and you're doing it with passion it's going to sell. People are going to be attracted to that passion. So what are you passionate about right now and what can you do to enhance that. This is me Simon Jordan from Go to the website now and you can sign up for my free e-book.
Speak to you soon you bye.
and get passionate.

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