Are you Poppy or Amber?

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Meet my two dogs, Poppy the 3-year-old Springer Spaniel and Amber the 12-year-old Collie.

In the afternoon I play a game with them to stimulate their brains.

I stand in the back garden and throw the ball for them a few times, I then pretend to throw it but in fact, I hide it and they both have to then use their noses to find the ball.

10 minutes of this is the equivalent of an hours running around.

But here’s the thing. Amber normally stands there watching and observing, whilst Poppy runs around at high speed (as Springers do) searching high and low for the ball, sometimes going back to the same place 2 or even 3 times to see if the ball has mysteriously appeared since the last visit some 20 seconds ago.

After some time has gone by Amber normally saunters over and picks up the ball and wanders over to me and drops it with a look that says “I couldn’t take anymore so here it is”

So here’s the thing – I see so many people in business rushing around searching for the ‘goal’, overexerting themselves, stressing and fretting that they haven’t achieved or got to where they want yet.

Take your time and breathe. You don’t reap the same month you sow.
Forced success always brings with it consequences and problems.

Take a step back, view where you are right now. Look at the gaps in your business and what you need to focus on to build it. If you’ve got your nose so firmly pressed against the ground you can’t see the whole field.

You’ve got lots coming for you, so be more Amber and leave the Poppys of the world to rush around and get tired out.

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