Attitude and altitude

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I have always loved the line by Zig Ziglar that says...

Have you ever been to a shop to be met by a shop assistant who wasn’t the happiest in the room and therefore, your customer experience wasn’t great. When you left the shop how did you feel about the business or the brand? Would you refer this business to your friends and colleagues?

If we are the face of our brand then our attitude really affects all aspects of our business.

Many years ago I was working at Sky TV as a design consultant and one of my jobs was to rebrand the security guards. Yes, you read that right. You see the security guards where the first thing any visitor saw before they even got into the building. We had some pretty famous people coming through the door, and they all had to go through the same process before entering the building.

The reason for the rebrand was to educate the security staff that they had a very important role to play and their job was more than telling people where to park or taking their names down and handing out visitor badges.

They needed to understand that how they welcomed the visitors had an affect on the whole experience.

Therefore their attitude was crucial.

I created an internal campaign educating the staff that they played a vital role. I changed the uniforms and held a photoshoot to capture the real side of these people. It was a great success and what I did back then with the team still runs on today some 10 years later.

It’s important that when we are out in the world showing our brand that we carry with it the right attitude.

'...what do you want your clients saying about you?’

One question I ask my clients is ‘what do you want your clients saying about you?’

I get them to focus on what responses they want.

If for example, they want their clients saying ‘wow, an amazing experience!’ or, ‘the coaching I had was just wonderful, so much care and empathy from you’

If these are the kind of responses they are wanting and not yet getting, I ask my clients what do they need to do to obtain these kind of responses. Sometimes it’s not always the big things. It can be the small actions that create big responses.

For example, if you know when your client has their birthday or a big event happening and you send them a card, what does that do for your brand.

'...what’s more important, your pity party or client satisfaction and referrals?'

We all have bad days but it’s important we have the resilience to get up and show up when needed.

If you’re simply having a bad day then what’s more important, your pity party or client satisfaction and referrals?

On Facebook this week I asked people what their attitude was in business and what they do to maintain it.

Here are some of the responses.


So my friend what do you want your clients saying about you and what can you do right now to make it happen?

Choose the right attitude and get the altitude you want, maybe even Everest.

I'd love to know what you decided to do in order to get the responses you want. Please leave your comments below.

With love and gratitude.


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