If you've found this page then you've been reading my book and I thank you.
As a special offer, I can provide you with a 1-hour focussed Zoom call to discuss your brand and help you gain clarity on it.
The call will be recorded for your records.
Investment is £150.00

Step 1 – If you'd like to proceed, please make the payment here.

Step 2 – Once payment has been made you will be sent to my branding questionnaire page so I can learn more about you and your business.
If the page doesn't appear you can find it here.

Step 3 – Please book your call in here BookACallWithSimon.com

"I really love working with this incredible human being. His skills in marketing are nothing short of brilliant and I love the website and brand we have built together. He calls me out when I need it and is patient, kind and knowledgeable. Invest in the best, you and your business are worth it!"

Sarah Jane Woods – Coach www.SarahJaneWoods.com


"I had an idea which started to grow about a year ago, meeting Simon 9 months ago has allowed that idea to explode into life, he encouraged me to take my idea to and beyond its full potential.

When I write my first book next year Simon will receive a BIG thank you because without him, a lot of what is happening now and is going to happen in the next 18 months just wouldn’t have if I hadn’t met him.

Whether you need help through coaching or marketing you will not regret working with Simon. He knows his stuff and is a great guy to work with – so GO FOR IT!"

Mark Telford, Coach for Accountants – MarkTelford.co.uk


"His insight cut through the crap. He really made me see exactly what my message was, whom my target audience was and what I was all about. So if you’re considering working with Simon, I’d say, stop considering and just go for it. He really does know what he’s doing.”

Jennie Harland-Khan – Coach

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