Do you NOT want this or, do you want that?

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‘Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes too’ Steve Maraboli

Running on from my last blog about mindset and making choices, I wanted to stay on this theme again. In my 49 years I’ve learnt that mindset is what makes the difference between happiness and sadness, success and failure, great cake and awful cake. Ok, the last one was a joke but, mindset really is everything, and something I talk to my clients about early on before, we even start any branding work together.

'...they tell me first what they don’t want'

One of the things I notice when some people start to talk about their dreams and goals is they tell me first what they don’t want.

This provides energy into the very thing they don’t want or, at least creates more of it. We are transmitters whether we get it or not, everything is made up of energy. Our physical selves including our thoughts. Everything resonates (or vibrates) in its own frequency. For example put a load of tuning forks in a room and make a noise with one and the other one that is the same tone will resonate along with it. Make sense?

In a nutshell, misery attracts misery, happiness attracts happiness. Because everything resonates and attracts.


Focussing on what we don’t want will not bring about good energy and the very thoughts aren’t positive because we are focussing essentially on the negative.

'I’ve attracted my fair share of utter crap...'
When talking about your goals or anything for the future, it’s important that we really focus on what we want with a positive frame of mind.

I’ve attracted my fair share of utter crap and total disasters in my life and, I hold my hand up to all of them. I personally have attracted them in.

Yes this sounds a little woo woo but, let me tell you this way of being has proved right in my life time and time again.

Not that long ago I had everything I had dreamed of but, it then all fell apart spectacularly but I will save this for my book.

My friend mindset is EVERYTHING.

If you want more clients do you talk about the clients you don't want or, do you focus on the ones you do want contacting you? Come on be honest now?

I recently went to an event and I met a guy there. Right off the bat he told me what he didn't want from the event. He was oozing negativity. I know it can be a comfortable place to sit but, the results are far from comfortable.

So let's talk about some actionable steps.

First off is take guard over your mindset. Become aware at your thoughts about everyday things.

Watch your language when talking about the things you want. For example even down to where you’re going to eat this weekend. Instead of saying 'I don’t want a pizza restaurant' even though this may be the case, say and focus on what you want to have instead. This little step when repeated and used in other areas of your life WILL make a difference.

I know people who have stayed in this negative mindset and haven’t changed their path in years and I know people who have changed their mindset and almost overnight their life has changed with it.

I really cannot emphasise to you enough how simple and how powerful this is.

Focus and speak about what you WANT instead of what you don’t want, it really is as simple as that.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this. Total crap or yippee Simon understands this stuff! Let me know.

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With love and gratitude.


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