Does your marketing work without you?

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Does your marketing work with or without you?

Hi! I am Simon Jordan, and welcome back to another episode of My Marketing Hints and Tips.

So on this episode, I want to discuss with you your marketing. Does it work without you being there?

Let me explain.

So you go to a networking event, you've got your business card, and you've got a pocket full of them. And you're out there and you're just meeting people and you're explaining what it is you do, and this is how you work, and all the key benefits and blah blah blah blah blah.

That's great, and you hand your business card over and the person's, "Great!". The thing is, you're not the only person in the room.

On that particular event, they might pick up 10, 20 business cards. So when they get home and they're sifting through them maybe the following day, maybe the following week. When they pick up your business card, does it tell them what it is you do with clarity?

Tell them the benefits or hate to say it, like a lot of business cards I've seen, even from marketing directors I've seen this, it has a really flashy logo, the title of them, and that's it.

What a wasted opportunity. You are leaving money on the table. Doesn't matter what industry you're in, unless you're a plumber.

I had to tell you, sometimes I wish I was a plumber. Because when I explain what I do, people go, "So what do you do? Creative director? Marketing director?"

I pretty much do all those. But I've got my sales line down to pat, so don't worry.

But your business card needs to work with or without you, because you never know who else will pick it up

And it needs to, I mean, you've got the back of a business card, use that. So you need to have a very, very clear elevator pitch, which can be told in 10 seconds or less on the back of that business card.

What it is you... How you benefit people, rather. So how do you benefit people? What's the end game that they get from working with you? And the same when you go on your website, if you have a free download, which you should have, I have it and all my clients have them on their website. It's a great way to build leads. At least build that, I'll do that on another video. It's a big conversation.

But let's say they print it out and they leave it somewhere. They staple it, they leave it somewhere. Let's say their neighbour picks it up, their friend picks it up. And that friend, who's never been on your website, they could be your ideal client, ideal target market.

But if it's not clear on there what it is you do, if you don't have a clear call to action, you've lost them. Again, you're leaving money on the table. So let's just briefly talk about a call to action.

You should have that on the back of your business card as well.

If you want them to call you for a free consultation, for example, make it clear. "For a free consultation, phone this number." "For my free guide on whatever it is, email or go to this website." It's as simple as that.

So many people put: For more information, email, call. So the person holding that card, download, whatever it is, they're thinking, "What questions should I be asking? I don't know." So if they're a bit confused, they're not going to go through with it, with the contact. So a confused buyer is a non-buyer.

I'll say that again, a confused buyer is a non-buyer.

So look at your marketing right now, is it very clear what it is you do? Pick up your business card, if it's looking really fancy and has a logo only your mother would like, because let's face it, unless you're a big international company, and I've done videos on this, called "Your logo doesn't work." If your logo's really fancy but doesn't actually give a clear description, doesn't have clarity on what it is you do and how you benefit people, it's a wasted bit of design, completely wasted.

I mean, I don't really have a logo, it's my signature. Because what I do is marketing and branding for coaches and consultants. I build great brands, that's as simple as that, in essence. I go a lot deeper than that, and that's it.

But I don't have a fancy logo because that's distracting. There's no point having a fancy logo.

Anyway, that's another conversation.

So does your marketing work with or without you? It's as simple as that.

So guys, I urge you, please, you're here to inspire the world with your fantastic talents and everything else, help people as a coach or a consultant, so make sure your marketing works well, I plead you. Because you're here to do the world a service, you really are. And people need you, the world needs you, so make sure you're getting clarity on that.

It's what I run through with all my clients as part of my four stage process.

Anyway, for more information, go to my website, which is down there. Loads of free downloads on there and you get loads of hints and tips and loads of other stuff as well. So I'll hopefully see you then. Take care, bye!

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