How to build a personal brand – Part 3 Confidence

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Transcription from the video

Big Confidence.

Hi this is Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my 60 second video, I almost forgot the title then, this one is about being confident, confident enough to make mistakes. This is part of a series of videos I'm doing on the recipe of building a personal brand. I've talked about authenticity on video 1. I've talked about vulnerability and on this one is about confidence. Now confidence is really important. On those last issues confidence to be the real you on camera writing on social media wherever it might be and also confident enough to be vulnerable. It's such an important part, so to be confident if you're going to make it in business you can't be a mouse. You know the world doesn't reward mice. I'm sure it does with lots of cheese and whatever. But you have, actually I don't think mice actually eat cheese, that's a fallacy. Just the Tom and Jerry thing anyway. Simon, shut up and carry on. So the confidence to even go off track slightly. It's about being confident enough to share the real you to tell the story of you because every personal brand has a story. You have a story. And there are people out there waiting to hear about it. So having the confidence enough to tell your story and what is your story what is your backstory? What happened to you to become a coach? To be here right now talking to whoever it is you're talking to when you do your video or you put your post on social media, so be confident, stand tall breathe and know that people out there can't wait to hear from you, learn from you and the world needs you.

So this is me Simon Jordan. Go to my website sign up for my free e-book and lots of goodies on there. I'll see you in the next episode bye.

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