How to build a personal brand – Part 4 Adding Value

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Transcription from the video

I want to add value.

Hi this is Simon Jordan, welcome back to another episode of my 60 seconds help. This is part of a series of videos I've done talking about how to build a personal brand, and I've called it like a recipe I've written about it. And this is now the last video in the series and this one is about adding value. Now the great late Jim Rohn who I quote all the time. He said we are paid for the value you bring to the marketplace not our time. Otherwise we'd spend it all in bed wouldn't we!

So what do I mean by adding value?
Well I'm adding value now by you watching this video in terms of how I'm sharing my knowledge. So we all have knowledge, we've all learned things as we've gone through business and life that we can share with the world. I think we should all do that, there is no point in holding our cards to our chest, we can share and by sharing we're helping other people, and then we will learn from that as well learn from their responses. So by adding value and what I mean by that is also by writing blog posts, by doing videos, by doing podcasts, by doing social media post stuff that you've learned that can help other people. Maybe you've learned a fantastic coaching technique. And it's not about if I share it they're not going to come to me, they're not going to to pay for my services. Wrong. I have shared so much content over the years so many videos, so many podcasts I'm still flat out with clients. So don't think about that, that's a lack mentality and a scarcity mentality. So share your knowledge. This is me overrunning my 60 seconds videos but sign up for my website on there. You get free book and loads of other goodies as well. Thank you very much for watching.

Stay tuned for the next one speak to you soon bye.

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