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Let's get personal.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So, what am I talking about? Being personal.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I don't mean airing your dirty laundry in public and putting it all over Facebook!

What I mean by this is, the difference between a personal brand and a big corporate is the fact that we can get personal with our target market.

We can share information, we can build engagement.

Now I talk about this a lot because it's really really crucial.

You see, we can easily put up a website and, put a nice photo of us up there, and people can see that and think yeah that's great, but do they get any depth from there?

Do they get to understand the real you? Who are you?

What's your passions? What's your interests outside of business?

What's your interests outside of business?

Where the corporate, the big corporates can't do that.

So this is where we have one over on the big corporates. And it's really important you can do that.

So on your about page for example, you can share some more details about what you do, what passions you have outside of work, you know, if you are a coach or consultant, what do you like doing?

You know many years ago, I used to run networking events, and, I kind of got fed up with asking people, 'So what is it you do?' cos it's the same old question, what is it you do?

I started to say 'Tell me, what are you passionate about?' and suddenly, they would say well I really like Mongolian Yak farming, that's an example, no one has ever actually said!

But it was great, and suddenly you got to see them alive.

And when you share that kind of information, you see the other side of them, outside of business. Now if you're going to work with someone, you want to know what they're actually like as a person don't you, because we buy on emotion, that's really important, we buy on emotion.

So what can you share?

What can you, maybe little stories?

Something about your background, your family, your children, your animals, you know. So many people know, I've got two dogs, I live in Dorset by the beach. You know, obviously I love my guitars and that kind of stuff, and I do a lot of marathons and triathlons and all of that kind of stuff, but I share that. Because it gives the viewer greater depth of who I am as a person. So, getting personal is really important.

So what can you share, with your target audience, maybe on Facebook, on your website.

And I would say put on the about page, so just briefly actually let's just go through that. On your homepage you should have obviously your services, then you should have a little bit about you. Maybe one paragraph. Just to give people a taster.

Don't put it all on the homepage, because then it's just too much, it's just too much information, they won't bother going put maybe one paragraph about what you are, who you are rather and then a click to read more and then they can go through to the about page.

On that about page, you can share images of you and your family, other things you like to do, you know, i've said I like doing all the external activities and I share that on my about page.

So getting personal is brilliant. It really is.

So think about what you can do to get personal.

For more information, go to my website and get personal with me on there, you can see my about page.

But there's loads of hints and tips on there, my branding download guide is on there as well, if you want to put your name and email on the page. You'll get that as well, and you will get my regular newsletters and loads of information for you to help build your business.

This is me Simon Jordan, signing off saying get personal.

See you next time, bye.

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