How to sell your coaching

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How to sell in your coaching

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So many of my clients when they first come to me, they talk about not being able to sell. Well, sometimes it's not easy is it? Because you've got to get into that kind of mindset of selling, and sometimes we feel a bit grubby and a bit kind of, well I don’t really want to be a salesman.
Well, if you're in your business, you need to learn that skill.

It's really important. So, I'm going to give you a quick tip, which is really, really important and it works.

I call it painting the dream.

Now, let's say someone comes to you and they're looking for some coaching, and they might have, well whatever the issue might be.

So one of the key questions you need to ask them is So what would you like? If I could wave a magic wand and you would be free of this issue, whatever this issue might be. What would it look like, what would it feel like, how would you be?

And then zip it. Shut up. Don't say anything else. Ask them that question and then listen. And then, as they go through listen to points where they start to get a bit passionate, sort of oh well it would be like this, or if not, if you feel it's kind of like, well, I want to be here, change them to get the positive from them.

And now lot of people start saying well, I don't want this and I don't want that, get them to change and ask them; Well, what do you want? What would really work for you, how could you see your life being if x was solved, again waving that magic wand, and then again listen to them?

So let's say they would be well I’d, you know, I'd be earning more money. Okay? Well how much more money would you like?

And get them and just keep digging, get them to explain what it would be like, so let's say they wanted more money, for example.

If you said well I'd like an extra three thousand pounds a month for example. Well, what would you do with that?

So what you're doing is digging a bit deeper.

And get them to explain and start getting them to live that dream.

So this is what I call this “painting the dream”. It's a brilliant sales technique and it just works.

There's nothing wrong with it. You're not doing any underhand selling techniques or anything like that, anything grubby ,which I don't like, I hate it anyway, but ask them. So what would that extra money be like? And get them to explain ”Well, we’d probably save up and go on holiday”. Great dig deeper.

Where would you go on holiday? ”We’d probably go to the Maldives”. Great, whereabouts in the Maldives would you go? Dig a little bit deeper, you're getting them to go further into the dream.

And then let's say they start talking ”We’d go diving” And what would you see when you would go diving? ”Oh, we'd love the fish. And we'd maybe see some sharks”. Oh that be great wouldn't it! And then what else would you do on that holiday? Digging deeper getting them to explain more, getting them to picture that dream coming true.

And this works for any scenario. Whatever their dream outcome would be, you just dig a bit deeper get them to be in that dream, living it, experiencing it.

And when you get them to a point where you think they're really in that dream now, the key line is so if I could show you how to get there, would you be interested?

Now, they're at that peak of interest, there at that peak of being in the dream, being in that moment, “oh that would be fantastic wouldn't it? Yeah, we'd be in the Maldives, we’d be diving with the sharks. Oh it will be fantastic.” If I can show you how to get there would you be interested? Bang! Well, this is how I work. This is how I can help you get there.

And what you've also done, you've collected information during that conversation, of all their things that they're interested in, so when you do start working with them, you can pull up those hot topics.

So, if they do start to flag in their attitude, or their passion or whatever it is, you can bring up, now don't forget you can go on holiday. Remember you wanted to be earning three thousand pounds a month and you can save up and take your partner or whatever to go to the Maldives and go diving fantastic. So you can get them to step into that dream again.

It's such a important technique and I call it building the dream.

So that's all you need to do is ask them what the outcome they want to be, and then get them to live it and keep digging deeper until they're fully immersed in that dream, and then you say to them: So if I can show you how to get there would you be interested? Really simple!

Try it out! It has worked every time and it is a brilliant way of getting your coaching out there, helping more people, because at the end of the day, this is what you want to do. You want to inspire your clients, so they live the dreams, for this person earning the extra money or whatever it might be, for them, whatever success means for them. So try it, paint the dream. It's just a way of finding out what they really want, getting them to step into that and just helping them achieve that.

So thank you very much for watching.

If you want more information from me go to my website

I look forward to seeing you on the next video.

Take care and paint the dream. Bye.

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