How to work out your target market

How to workout your target market
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How to workout your target market

Hi this is Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my 60 seconds help.

So I work with a lot of coaches and one of the main questions I ask them is who is your target market. Sometimes it can get very flustered and try to work out who do they really want to work with, who's their avatar and who's their ideal client. Well actually it can be really simple. It's probably a previous version of them. If you take say five years back, what were you going through then that you know now that you can help your previous self with. You know maybe it was a mindset issue, maybe it was a confidence issue. On what you've learned since then you can then teach that previous version of you. So how simple Would that be if you're actually going to target a previous version of you. So you know what you were like. You know what you were thinking and you can step back in your old pair of shoes and work out exactly what it is that previous version of you wanted and that is really key to effective marketing.

So this is me Simon Jordan and I'll catch you on the next episode.
Take care. Bye.

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