If only I’d known this before

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Last week I wrote a new book (not big), started to record some videos for it and had planned the campaign etc. I then asked myself why I was hesitant to record them and had been delaying it.

The answer was that I was out of flow and playing an old record that wasn't me anymore.

The book is now ditched (will use again sometime) and I've just recorded 5 totally in the flow videos and have a new book started.

Some may say this is crazy but how many times do we go about life because we think we know better. That we've always done it 'that way' and 'we ain't changing now'?

Our ego gets in the way and we trip ourselves up and we don't get the results we want. This is the chaos and drama we all so seem to love and crazily surround ourselves with.

"Man makes plans and God laughs."

When we listen we realise there is no battle (or hustle) in the flow.

A weed doesn't fight to break through the paving slabs.

The universal flow is always at work and we are in it whether we like it or not. When we stop struggling and shut the f##k up for a moment we will find what we need to see.

Where are you struggling right now?

What are you avoiding?

Where is the chaos?

What are you ignoring or bull shitting yourself about?

So here's to flow and freedom.

Damn it, if only I'd known this years ago.

What have you scrapped to then create something even better? Let me know in the comments below.

With love and gratitude.


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