Is your business aligned with you?

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Is your business aligned with you?

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips for coaches and consultants.

So when I started off this episode saying is “Is your business aligned with you?” and what I mean by that is how many times have you seen a program or a webinar or whatever it might be and it's like the blueprint to success or the road map to victory or success or whatever it might be and they're all great.

But the issue is, it might not always be aligned with you and as entrepreneurs as business owners, we go off and see the bright shiny objects don’t we, so the butterfly effect is it? or the grasshopper effect? I can't remember now, but we will go great we will do this and and we come off center.

And before we know it we've invested a shedload of money and were left frustrating a lot.

Oh, what can we do? It's because we’ve come out of center because, we're not aligned with it.

Just because another entrepreneur maybe in the same industry as you is doing something, doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you.

So what is important, when you start something new you can even do it now is to come back to center.

If you think about the body for example, we have this thing called homeostasis where the body wants to remain at an even keel, you know, we want to have the right pH balance the right health whatever it is.

So it's constantly battling to make sure we have that status quo in our body.

It's the same with your business, but you need to know well what is that? What is that homeostasis? What is that alignment? What is that center of my business? So let's go back there.

Say you've been running it for a few years. Come back. Why did you start your business? Was it for more freedom? Was it to serve the planet, to inspire people to be better people, whatever it might be, come back to that.

If you've written it down dig that old book up blow the dust off it and think where did I want to go with my business? What was the reason I started off that? And then tune into that, become aligned again with that.

And what happens is it in the journey of your business. Let's say it's a hundred mile road trip, for example, or even better still if you're in a boat, your travelling a hundred miles and that destination the port it might be is where you want to head.

That's your dream, your goal. Whatever it is. Now if you want to bolt, boat if I can spell and even speak properly today! If you are heading in that direction and let's say your boat shifts by a few degrees, within the course of that a hundred miles you could be so way off and it's the same in your business, when you get distracted by a new program or whatever it might be and if it's not aligned with you, you don't check in with yourself.

Do you think that's going to get me to my destination. Sometimes its not always easy to see but it's about tuning in to that energy. If you're a coach or consultant hopefully you understand this but checking in with yourself.

Is it aligned with my center? Where I want to be? or is it just another thing that I want to grab hold of because it's a quick fix and then before you know it your way out of center, you're way off alignment, you're out of homeostasis if you want to use that analogy and you've lost loads of money.

It’s time you're back to square one or a bit further down the road and feeling stressed and frustrating. And your thinking ahh I'm going to jack it all in.

So what I'm saying is make sure everything is always aligned with you.

This is what I work with my clients making sure. It's always aligned with them. I lay out. I've got four stages of process about how to build a business, a profitable coaching or consulting business.

But at every step of the way I'm saying to my clients, check-in is it aligned with you?

What I'm going to suggest to you, Is it right for you? Just because someone else is using Instagram or SnapChat or whatever. Is it right for you? Do your target market hangout there for example, so at every stage of your building process and your going forward.

Check-in, are you on center? Is it aligned with you? Really simple once you know that. I'll talk in other videos about energy and alignment just making sure it's just right for you.

You know when it's right. Don't you, you know, when you've gone into a situation you think this feels good? Why because the energy is right. I want that for your business. I want you to be working with the right people because believe me I've been I had all the drama, all the nonsense and blah blah blah and the clients that don't pay when you come from center and everything all your marketing branding and everything you put out there. Comes from that place of center and alignment. It's such a joy, you love working again.

It's great, business should not be a chore. It should be joyful because you bring that energy into your clients as well.

If you want more information on how you can grow an aligned business go to my website It's all up there, and I look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Take care. Bye.

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