It’s not about the money

Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design

"It's not about the money and I don't want much"

I've heard this said so many times by service providers. Mainly coaches and therapists.

I've even said it myself in my time.

This type of thinking normally comes from a place of lack.

I agree it's not about the money and it's not something that floats my boat per se BUT, I do love earning it and having it because it's what I can do with it that matters to me. I can help my family and friends. I can reinvest in the things that matter to me.

You can't give to a charity if you don't have any yourself.

This mindset normally affects other aspects of life too. Self worth and having your time and skills misused. Ever wasted time with someone giving them loads of coaching for the price of a coffee. I have. Now it's fine at certain times but repeatedly is a big NO.

Something an old business partner once told me. "There is a thief that always gets away with it, and that thief is the thief of time."

Once it's gone that part of your life is gone too and never to return so spend it wisely.

If you are here to serve the world then go and do it, but have respect in yourself and self love too and make sure you are rewarded for your talents. When you fall in love with yourself the world will follow suit.

It takes confidence and can be scary but what's on the other side is a hell of a lot better than lack and fear.

I've been doing this for nearly 10 years now and I've seen so many genuinely brilliantly skilled people fall by the way side because financially they can't carry on. If only they'd believed in themselves and valued their skills too it wouldn't have happened and they'd still be practicing and coaching and making a difference to the world.

Know this. You are worth it, you do deserve it, you can have it and people will pay you your worth, all you have to do is start believing it and have more confidence in yourself.

I believe in you so go do it.


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