It’s time to get real with personal branding

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We need to get personal with personal branding.

If you’ve been to any networking group, you’ll have heard this question many times “What do you do?
Many years ago, I used to run a number of networking groups and heard that very question and also asked it many, many times.
After a while, I started to think that those people answering were lacking energy (probably because they’d answered that question so many times) so I started to change it up.
I wanted to know what they were passionate about outside of work, so I started to ask ‘what do you do when you’re not working?’ The responses I received were great.
In those brief moments, I got to see another side of them, a side that was connected and vibrant.
Now I would say you need to have passion for what you’re doing but, if like me, you’ve answered that ‘what do you do?’ question hundreds if not thousands of times, it’s nice to talk about something else for a change.

I’ve always said, if I’m going to work with someone, I want to know what they are really like, and in my business of creating personal brands, it’s vital that we get across the real person too, not just the business side of them.

'...know, like and trust...'

You see we buy from people we know, like and trust and this is why it’s really important we show a well-rounded view of who we are and, this is where the about page of your website comes in.

I see so many people putting lots of qualifications on this page which is fine but, I want to go deeper and get a better understanding of who you are and this is where we as small business owners can really engage with our target market far more than any corporate company can.

I want to read the story of how you got to where you are. I want to see if you have a passion for other things. I want to see pics of you doing something other than talking on stage or looking great in a photo shoot.

'...I want to know you’ve got what it takes...'

If you're going to coach me then I want to know you’ve got what it takes and that doesn’t just mean letters after your name because that just shows you’ve studied hard but, beyond that, I want to know if I will like you and your energy.
This is why video is great because in this medium you can really show your energy and passion.

If I was to look at your website now, what would it tell me about you?.
What passion would it show me?
What story would it tell me about who you are outside of business?
Does it encapsulate the real authentic you or dare I say it a social media manufactured you?
It’s time to get real.
It’s time for you to tell your story.
It’s time to go deep.
It’s time to be vulnerable.
It’s time to damn well shine bright because you’re not here to smoulder, you’re here to burn bright.

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