Keeping the faith when it’s hard going

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So let’s bring it home a little, if you work on your own reading the quotes and getting inspired to keep moving forward can sometimes and often be a really hard task. The sun doesn’t always shine and some days it can be a real drag just getting motivated to work. In the past you may have had a number of projects that you started that didn’t go the way you wanted or didn’t bring in the money you had hoped for. Maybe you bought something that you were told would be ‘the thing’ to make your soar or bring in the riches you so desperately wanted only to find that you didn’t even make it to the runway and you’re now getting calls from your bank manager. Does this sound about right? Crap isn’t it? Let’s be honest and admit that yes it’s seriously crap and you have the right to get annoyed or even angry by it. But there is also one thing that you must NEVER do and that is loose HOPE.

Hope for me is faith and belief combined. Faith that you know it will happen and belief in yourself.

We can read all the quotes, blog posts (this one), watch the videos or whatever it is you prefer, but it all comes down to one thing and that is YOU. People can have faith and belief in you but you have to have it for YOU too.

"...I wasn’t proud of it and thought I’d failed."

I’ve been in my own business now for a tad short of 10 years and I’ve been in and out of the rain clouds and sunshine more times than I can remember and it’s been painful. Tear jerkingly painful. I’ve often said to myself ‘is it really worth it?’ Many years back I was even on anti-depressants and that’s not something I shout about a lot I can tell you because I wasn’t proud of it and thought I’d failed.

I just couldn’t get myself back on to the rung of the ladder. I didn’t know what I know now. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing don’t you think. Think of me with a sarcastic look on my face right now.

As a business owner we’ve all been through the rough patches but let’s now turn it up and talk about how we can keep the faith and get back in the saddle and motor back on and aim for what we set out to do when we started this game.


First off, why did you start the business?

We so often get lost in all the processes that we forget why we started it all.

Knowing why you started and reconnecting with that vision can help reignite that original spark inside you.

Find the fire again - stay with me for this fire, wood and campfire analogy because it was the only one I could find at the time.

From that spark I want you to get that fire burning again. You need to get yourself in a place where you feel right, where you are ready again — we’ll discuss this in the next step.

From that place you need to keep feeding the flames, you need to keep finding more wood (inspiration) and bring more people to your campfire who can help feed the fire. In my 10 years I’ve found that it’s so much harder on your own. Working with others or bringing on a coach can reap huge rewards. They can help you see it from a different angle and help keep your faith alive.


Getting yourself in the right space again.

So often we try and think our way out of the issue. We sit at our desk and think our way out of the problem. As Anthony Robbins once said and I whole heartily agree that ‘motion creates emotion.’ If we get up and move around with energy then our mind will follow suit. If we are moving in an energetic way our minds can’t operate separately and will follow. For me getting out for a walk in the fresh air makes a world of difference and we all know that nature has great ways to get us smiling again. Now before we go any further and you start thinking ‘Simon this isn’t news to me I know all this, tell me something new!’, well, here’s my go on something new.

What’s the one word that you would use to describe your initial vision that made you start the business?

For me it was freedom.

Freedom to create, freedom to make a difference, freedom to work with people from all over the globe, freedom to live my life on my terms. That was my key word.

I ask for one word because so often we are told to smile, move around, take deep breaths, read inspiring quotes, go for a run, eat a healthy meal, shave your head (ok ignore the last bit) but we end up with a huge list that frankly just pisses you off and ends up in the bin. There is just too much to remember right.

Why does everything have to be so darn complicated ARGHHH!!!

When you started the business you had one idea right!

A beautiful, simple, gem of an idea, Not 6 million with multiple areas and sub categories, just one truly fantastic idea.

Think about that right now. Take yourself back to that time when you smiled and thought, ‘holy crap, that’s it’ and so your baby was born.

In that moment did you have doubt, fear, wobbling faith? Well, if you did you wouldn’t be here right now. You had conviction and belief in yourself.

Since then yes you’ve been kicked around, beaten to the floor but that’s in the past. Let’s fire this back up again. What is that one word?

Whatever you choose it’s your word and your word to own and I mean really own it. Like engraving a bloody great medal with that word on it and wearing it for the world to see type of owning it.

I want you to really feel the energy in that word. Now don’t just sit there and think it through, get up off your ass and get some energy behind it. This is your future we’re talking about, now get the heck up and feel it. Move in the way that of word and that original vision would have you move.

How does that feel?

How does it look?

This is your baby again, this is your spark again. This is the old you back again.

Yes, this is some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tactics as I’m sure you’ll recognise in here but sometimes we don’t see it or do it.

Here are some other people's comments from Facebook on this subject.


Energy shift

When you change your mindset the energy will shift and with that creates possibilities.

When you feel it the universe will bring it.

Here’s an example and one of many I could bore you with but here’s one for now.

Many years ago I was struggling financially and I was fretting about a client who owed me money. My energy was a mess and I was coming from a place of fear. I was in doubt and massively wavering faith and belief mode. The longer I stayed this way the worse I felt and I noticed that it started to affect other areas of my business too. The energy I was putting out there wasn’t good at all and I was starting to attract the same crappy energy back which further enhanced and cemented my current feeling.


I was then out driving and for some reason I started thinking about my initial idea for the business, working with coaches and making a difference etc. and I was reflecting on how I used to feel. All fired up and full of belief and energy and the reason I started the business was to get freedom. I then looked at where I was right at that moment and saw the massive difference in energy. I decided to alter my state and imagined that my client had paid the bill and my bank balance was healthy again.

I felt how it would be.

When I got back home (only about 30 mins later) I received a text from my client saying they’d paid the bill. Now a coincidence or not, it happened and I’ve used this change of state so many times and always with great outcomes.

So going back, yes keeping the faith and belief in yourself is hard but you must do it.

People need you. Your family needs you or whoever you have in your life.

So what’s your single word and how does it feel?

I know I will keep fighting for FREEDOM (sounds like a line from Braveheart) and I want you to do the same on whatever your word is.

Are you not worth it?

Damn right you are.

Go do it.

And if you want me to be there by your side and keep you believing it, contact me here.


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With gratitude


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