Money, Good or Bad?

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If you want to help the poor, don't become one of them.

Hi! This is Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of "My Marketing Hints and Tips.".

Well on this episode, I want to talk about that big thing called money. Some people are scared of it. Some people don't like it. But you know what? It's a horrible thing to admit, but money does make the world go round.

You've got to understand that.

If you're in business and working your backside off and not getting paid for it; for your talents, for your skills, for your knowledge, then we've got to change that, haven't we? If you are spending all the hours in the office and not spending time with your friends and family, what is the good thing of that? If you can't afford to pay for them, take them on holiday, spend time with them, whatever it is, then you've got to change your relationship with money

Now believe me, for many years, I struggled, financially, emotionally, all of that. And that's when it comes to what's going on inside you because if you have a self-worth issue, then you need to look at that. You've got to do some work on that. Because when you start to value yourself, you'll start being paid the value that you deserve.

I'll say that again. When you start to value yourself, and in other terms, when you start to love yourself, and love what you do, the knowledge you've created and captured over the years, the skills, all the training you've done, all of that work, you need to be paid for that. When you start to love what's going on in here about you, other people will see that, as well.

So as Jim Rohn once said, "You're paid for the value you bring to the marketplace, not your time." So you're bringing so much value out there, so you should be paid for it. So when I made that switch and maybe when that lightbulb finally went on, went bing, I got it and everything started to change around. So if you're coming from a place of, "Oh well, money, you know, it's not an important..." it is important.

I'll rewind to what I said at the beginning. If you want to help the poor, don't become one of them. There is no point playing small in this world. If you're here to serve the world, to make a difference, but if you're poor because you don't value yourself, you don't value your skills, and consequently, you're attracting the wrong kind of clients, you will stay in that position

And what good is that? If you've got an amazing skill as a coach, you can affect so many people. You know, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, if I can get my words out, "True success is knowing that someone else has breathed more easily since you've been there." Isn't that beautiful? That's such a beautiful line. But if you need to earn money to be there to help those people, then what good is it if you're playing small?

So on this episode, I want you to start stepping up, start believing in yourself. If you have to stand in front of the mirror saying, "I love you, I love you." Whatever it takes, just close the door, ignore anyone else that's coming. Start believing in yourself. Once you start believing in yourself, other people will start valuing you, as well. I've said for many years now, once you fall in love with you, the world will follow suit. So fall in love with you and start getting paid for what you deserve, because when you play small, when you believe that you're not worth it, you will be treated and you will be paid for what you believe. So change those beliefs and start thinking big. Start deserving what you deserve. Get what you deserve. It's so important.

Think big, people. And thank you for watching.

For more information, go to my website, down there. Lots of marketing hints and tips and other videos and lots of other stuff. But I'll see you on the next episode. Think big, people. Bye!

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