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There’s one person I seem to quote a lot and that is the late great business philosopher Jim Rohn.

I remember many years back listening to one of his audios and he was talking about ‘keep on searching’. The underlying message was to always keep your mind open to new ideas.
From my last post on keeping the faith when it’s hard going I mentioned that I’d been through some big ups and downs in business as I’m sure you have but, I’ve never given up hope. I’ve always done my best to keep the vision alive.

Jim talked about always searching and learning. He said ‘watch that film, read that book, meet that person’ in essence just keep discovering new things.

“…take a different route to work…"

Many years ago when I was a young creative in an advertising agency, my boss told me to take a different route to work some days. I thought this to be a bit odd but, when I started to do it, I understood why. When we keep doing the same things day in and day out, we tend to switch off but when we shake it up a bit, we wake up and notice new things and these can lead to new ideas. I used to get many new ideas from seeing different posters, shop windows or different sights on my way to work and since that day I’ve always taken a notebook with me, even into a cinema. Mind you, it’s hard to write in the dark.

One idea came to me on 25th June 2017 when I was out walking my 2 dogs down my local surfing beach and witnessed so much plastic washed up on the shore. I was angry at the mess and I saw lots of people walking off the beach without taking any litter with them. The idea then came to me, and it was if everyone just picked up 5 items of litter, we could all clear the beach. For every person doing their bit the beach would be 5 things clearer and in that moment 5 Things Clear was born.

2 months later the initiative had gone global with people as far away as Japan, Russia, Philippines, Canada, all over the USA, Europe, South Africa and even some remote islands. See the picture below

Since that day I’ve spoken at many schools and events, travelled to Hungary to take part in the Plastic Cup where we cleared over 10 tonnes of plastic from the river Tizsa and this morning, I was speaking to a contact in Hong Kong and we are looking at an event next year to raise awareness of the litter issues over there. Tomorrow; Saturday 15th September is World Clean Up Day and I've organised a big beach clean on the very beach where the idea for #5ThingsClear happened and working alongside The Marine Conservation Society and Keep Wales Tidy. Why am I telling you this? Because you never know where an idea will lead you. I’ve always believed when you are out there working with your mind open and a positive attitude, amazing things can happen.

So keep your mind open, explore new things and as Jim said, ‘read that book, watch that film, meet that person’ and I would add ‘walk on that beach’ because you never know when an idea will come up and you then never know where it will take you.

Life is as amazing as you want it to be.

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With gratitude


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