The one key factor that could be ruining your success.

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The one key factor, that could be ruining your success.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another one of my marketing hints and tips.

So what's this one key factor, that's maybe holding up your success? Whatever success means to you.

Well, there it’s; GRATITUDE.

You see so many people go for their dreams, go for their success and they might take anger on that path with them. They might take worry, fear, whatever it might be.

Those are the things that are going to ruin any dream. Doubt as well! Doubt is the biggest way to ruin your life, ruin your relationships, empty your bank balance and everything, doubt. Doubt and fear, brilliant bed partners!

But gratitude, oh my word gratitude is so important.

So let's say you've lost everything you've gone through bankruptcy. You've gone through everything. But if you have gratitude that you now have an opportunity to move forward. Oh my word everything changes. Everything changes.

You see it all comes down vibration, it’s about the energy.

Now this has been scientifically proven. I'm sure I've spoken about this before.

If you have a room full of tuning forks, and if you ping one tuning fork, let's say the frequency of A, none of the other tuning forks will vibrate, only the other ones that are in the same key.

And what that means is, when you vibrate, when you change your energy, when you change your output from a place of gratitude, and I believe that's from a place of love as well. Oh my word everything changes, you see the world differently. If you think wow, I've got an opportunity, this is amazing!

Years ago I interviewed a guy called Randy Gage. He'd been stabbed, bankrupt had all his cars taken away, all the rest of it and he was living on his friend’s floor.

And he was eating macaroni cheese out of some kind of disposable unit, whatever. And I said, so how did you get to the success where you are now and he said “because I was coming from a place of gratitude and I was coming place from opportunity.”

“I had an opportunity”. I said what do you mean.

He also said he was at an advantage which completely blew me away. He had nothing but he had an advantage because he said “I couldn't get any lower and because my back was against the wall.”

He had something to push back off, so had that moment of gratitude. Like wow. Okay, I've lost everything but I've now got an opportunity to go forward, that changed everything and when you come from that place of gratitude, believe me, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

There's the biggest thing I can teach with all my clients, you know from all different walks of life. I've had clients come to me and they said we want to do this, new project, this new venture, and I can tell in the tone of voice, they're coming at it from the wrong angle.

When you come from gratitude, a place of love, stillness, opportunity and gratitude. It just is fundamentally brilliant. It will work. It really will, because when you're going at something, and think well, I need to make all this money, or I need to do this, you're coming from a place of lack, a place of fear.

The energy is wrong, remember the tuning forks, but when you come from a place of gratitude, like I am grateful for this opportunity. I am loving the way this has been presented to me. All the challenges that have been brought up to me. I'm grateful for the challenges. Then it changes and one last thing I'm going to leave you with; your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world.

I'll say that again, your external world, so all the chaos that's going on there. If you're in chaos outside, relationships, finances, everything, look inward. You'd probably find there is a lot of chaos going on here as well and in the heart. Change all that, start having gratitude.

I can't say this enough! Start coming from a place of gratitude for those difficult times, for those opportunities, and I've been through more than my fair share.

And when you change it to gratitude, everything would change.

Thank you for watching. You want more information how to build your business, on branding and lots of other stuff like this, and I'll see you on the next episode. Thank you.

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With gratitude

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