Personal branding – your online DNA

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Meaning of DNA - The fundamental and distinctive characteristics of someone.

Your DNA is permanent just like your life on Social Media

With that in mind what was the last thing you posted on Facebook or any social media platform?
What pictures do you post?
What jokes do you tell?
What content do you share from other people?

...prospective clients are watching.

I ask these probing questions because you may not know this but your prospective clients are watching you.
That sounds worrying and a bit stalkerish doesn't it? But recently I picked up a new client and they told me that they had been watching me online for a while and saw that I was (in their words) 'the real deal' and loved how I work.
This was heartening and reinforced my belief in what I was doing.
This is how Social Media works and I love it for it. You see Social Media is about being social, engaging and building relationships with people, so it's important that we behave the way we want to be treated. I think the bible quote is 'do as you would be done by'. I believe if you want to attract good energy, then you need to put out good energy too.

Behave now as in the future
The world's top life coach; Anthony Robbins once said that if you want to become a big name and famous then start to behave in that way now.
This means getting used to how you will behave when people recognise you and how you conduct yourself.
Now this doesn't have to mean wearing dark glasses all the time and having tinted windows in your car, but rather hold yourself up and treat people and yourself as if you are already there.

Behaving like this can help you to rain yourself in when you want to possibly vent your anger at something and use a few choice words.

Remember people are watching so when you unleash that comment, expletive or rude image ask yourself, will it make your prospective clients wince and move away?, if you were that famous person what would it do for your overall image?

How would Richard Branson behave?

There is a rather sad story about the Jewellery Shop owner Gerald Ratner who said on live TV that his jewellery was 'crap'.
This 4 letter word killed his business overnight.

This may sound all rather too much and that you need to watch everything you post so there is no spontaneity but, the simple answer is yes you do to be honest. You can shout in the street and a few people driving or walking past may notice but the words have left your mouth and faded into nothing and they may remember them for a little time. Online they stay forever.

Looking for a job?
80% of recruitment agencies in the States now use LinkedIn and Facebook to look at a candidate to see what they are like, so again, we have to be careful what we post.

If we want to enjoy these great platforms and attract more clients, further a career or anything else then, we need to be vigilant on what we post and share.

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