"Simon has been critical for me in clarifying my message and designing my brand. He worked through what was important for me and the real values behind my mission and passion. He really got me and what I was about and there was none of the corporate bullshit and marketing crap. Simon is very passionate and brings that passion to every meeting and every discussion. It was an absolute pleasure working with Simon and I would absolutely recommend him."

Dr Mark Williams – Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience www.DrMarkWilliams.com


"I really love working with this incredible human being. His skills in marketing are nothing short of brilliant and I love the website and brand we have built together. He calls me out when I need it and is patient, kind and knowledgeable. Invest in the best, you and your business are worth it!"

Sarah Jane Woods – Coach www.SarahJaneWoods.com


"I connected with Simon a few years ago as I liked his ethos and was interested in working with him but nothing ever transpired as it just wasn’t the right time for me. But once I was clear on where I was going with my business Simon was the obvious choice to reach out to. I have been burnt in the past by marketers from branding to digital. From over-promising and under-delivering to just a lack of communication. I was put off even using someone in this field again but I can honestly say Simon has restored my faith. I’ve been working with him and his team for the last 7 months on launching my personal brand and website, which has exceeded my expectations. Not only has he helped me bring my vision into a reality, but he’s also offered suggestions for improvement, captured my essence perfectly and went above and beyond to help me reach my limits. I cannot recommend him enough!"

Sarah McBride – Coach, Consultant and Owner of Kapucia www.TheSarahMcbride.com


"It was a great experience working with Simon, he really helped cut through the clutter to clarify my thinking and messaging, and he was super-helpful from beginning to end. I loved the outputs he produced and have already had heaps of compliments on the website and my new brand materials."

Jayne Blake – JayneBlake.com.au


"I had an idea which started to grow about a year ago, meeting Simon 9 months ago has allowed that idea to explode into life, he encouraged me to take my idea to and beyond its full potential.

When I write my first book next year Simon will receive a BIG thank you because without him, a lot of what is happening now and is going to happen in the next 18 months just wouldn’t have if I hadn’t met him.

Whether you need help through coaching or marketing you will not regret working with Simon. He knows his stuff and is a great guy to work with – so GO FOR IT!"

Mark Telford, Coach for Accountants – MarkTelford.co.uk


"Simon totally understood what I needed. He untangled all my thinking and made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. Simon ‘gets you’. He works intuitively but with great knowledge too and creates amazing work. Thank you.”

Mark Hodgson – Coach, Speaker and Author


"You get people who do stuff on purpose then you need to employ a designer and someone else, but the great thing about Simon is he can do the whole piece. Simon has the strategic thinking along the way and I don't need to translate it.”

Lisa Cattell – Coach


"Simon’s got this great knack of really digging in to what it is that drives you as a person.

Having someone to talk to that can actually guide you through the process and understanding what it is that makes you tick and where your passions lie and who your ideal audience and message should be is incredibly powerful. Thank you Simon for taking me through your process, I’m much more focussed now. ”

Rob Sayles – Entrepreneur and Speaker


"His insight cut through the crap. He really made me see exactly what my message was, whom my target audience was and what I was all about. So if you’re considering working with Simon, I’d say, stop considering and just go for it. He really does know what he’s doing.”

Jennie Harland-Khan – Coach


"After a refocus of my business, I was struggling to convey the more subtle shift in mission and vision to my team in a way that they could share with clients. Simon helped me to gain clarity around what they needed and then to tweak our messages to convey this vision to clients. His coaching style, careful questions and great ideas, allowed me to help my team feel more involved and more congruent in their marketing, conversations and customer service.

As a business owner, however large or small, you need that coach/critical friend who challenge the stuff your team may not and gets you to question the things you take for granted and assumptions you make – Simon does all of that for me. If you lack clarity, direction or challenge, I absolutely recommend talking to Simon."

Lynda Holt, Brave Boss, Brave Scene


"I got more out of that 60 mins than I have over the past couple of years.”

Barry Cridland – Mental Development Coach


"Simon uses a completely holistic approach with his clients, in order to truly understand them inside and out. This leads to him being able to create values, branding and a website which truly reflects the essence of the client and their business. I found the whole process professional, truthful and an ease from start to finish and do not hesitate in recommending Simon as a result.”

Jenny Flintoft – Coach


"Simon Jordan rocks, everyone would be blessed to work with Simon, as I am. I can't recommend him more deeply.”

Jennifer Hough – Speaker and Author



If you need help or some advice with getting clarity on your brand or message, Simon is here to help.

Book in for a preliminary chat here.


“Simon recreated my brand and captured the real me. Working with him was the best decision I ever made.”

Lisa Skeffington – Anxiety Expert


“I recently had a few sessions with Simon. We’d been working on understanding our brand for the last 2 years and in just 2 hours we had achieved more than we thought possible. It was like the missing piece had been handed to us”

Gareth Stubbs – Owner and Co-Founder D – Toxd ‘The Retreat’


“Simon Jordan is a fantastic marketeer who walks his walk and truly delivers. If you get the opportunity to work with him I wholeheartedly recommend you do so.”

Shaa Wasmund MBE – Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.



If you need help or some advice with getting clarity on your brand or message, Simon is here to help.

Book in for a preliminary chat here.


“If you're struggling to get your brand across in any way, I highly recommend a session with Simon. Apart from being a jolly good bloke, he's also a branding ninja. I had an hour with him and he cut through me like a hot knife through butter. I have total clarity now. He sees the wood for the trees that you can't because you're too close to them. Thanks Simon”

Mark Attwood – Author and Entrepreneur.


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