That guru can’t make you successful

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We’ve all seen the ads, the courses, the books, the live seminar, the videos and duvet set, ok maybe not the last one, that’s my own goal

We invest our hard-earned cash, go through the course and 12 months later - nadda

Because the guru’s path isn’t your path.
Their energy, their connections, their attitude and everything else is theirs. So their success won’t always be your success.

Years ago I was running a number of networking events and this guy, let’s call him John, came up to me and said he was thinking of joining but wanted me to guarantee that he’d get new clients from joining to which, I replied. “I can invite potential clients to these networking events but, I can’t guarantee you’ll get clients, that is up to you”

Well, that’s what I should have said but I knew John and what I actually said was “John, if you’re a dick then you won’t get any business!”

And that my friends is the key. Not being a dick.
You can buy the best courses, books and everything else including the guru duvet set but, if you’re not bringing the right energy, then you’re wasting your money.

One of the first things I do before I start working with my clients is to tune in to where their energy is. I work out what attitude they’re bringing to the party. If it’s one of lack, fear or any other negative place then if they allow me, I help move them to a better energy, if not then we say goodbye because as corny as it sounds, your success is my success and as all my clients know, I have their back but I also don’t bull shit them.

Let me ask you a question – Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve thought “what the hell is going on?”
Where work isn’t going as planned, maybe the clients aren’t that great, money sucks and altogether it’s a bit of a shit storm.
Well, I’m going to break it too you but your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

Let that last line sink in. It can hurt but the truth can do that. For me when I first heard it, it was a punch in the stomach.

This post came about because a friend of mine posted a video on Facebook where this guy was bitching and moaning about all these ‘gurus’ out there selling their ‘snake oil’ and to that, I agree in some parts because it all depends on how their ‘success formula’ is being sold. You can’t copy everything they do because their path is different from your path, their connections are different, attitude, clothes, you name it they are all pretty different.

So what they are selling isn’t always ‘snake oil’ but, if you believe you can buy the complete success package and that’s how it’s being sold then yes it’s ‘snake oil’

So what am I saying?
Be cautious when investing
Check-in with your energy
Be brutally honest with yourself
Don’t be afraid to say no to a salesperson
Don’t follow the herd
Be confident in your own path
Don’t chase someone else’s dream, design and build your own.

Oh and if you want someone on your side who won't give you any bull but, will keep you accountable (read kick your ass if needed) then you know where I am.

Believe in you, this is your time. Go get em.

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