The #1 Secret to Growing Your Business

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The number one secret to growing your business.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So, when we go out and attract new clients, we put a lot of effort into it don't we? And then when we get the client we work with them, maybe we finish the projects, or finish coaching them, and then we finish, and then the whole process starts again, doesn’t it? You know, we have to go out and we have to market again.

We're on social media. We put adverts out, produce leaflets or whatever, and the same process happens. You have finished coaching them, they go off and we start again. So it’s like up and down, up and down, feast or famine.

Now the number one secret to growing your business, is using, in a nice way obviously, your current clients.

Because your current clients already fulfil the three main things to do with any sales.

They know you, they like you and they trust you.

So that's they know you, they like you and they trust you.

Think about that, the people you're going out to try and attract, they don't know you at all. So they're cold, so your current clients are hot. Their fantastic, they can refer you on, so it's a really simple thing, just say, ”Who else do you know who I can help? Who I can coach?” If they're already working with you, they know you're good to work with, they know you're a good person to work with, you're delivering great results.

Who else do they know, that they can refer you on. You see there’s a rule, you know, the 80/20 rule. And so many people spend 80% of their time on marketing sales, and going out and getting new leads. And 20% on the current clients.

We need to flip that around; 80% of your time should be spent looking after your current clients, and 20% going out for new clients. And one way you can do that, is creating a keep in touch campaign.

The people on my email list will know this. Every week, they get a newsletter with more value, adding information, helping them grow their coaching business or consultancy business.

And you need to do the same, because if you're working, if you, let's say you are a coach and you cover lots of different aspects; could be confidence, it could be anxiety, it could be self love for example.

Now, let's say you're working with one client, who's only asking you about confidence, for example. You can market to them and say well look, I'm also helping these people on anxiety and helping them about self-love. I'm helping them on self-worth or whatever it might be. Could be public speaking who knows, number of different subjects.

So when you market to them, and not market really, you're keeping in touch with them, you're sending out newsletters showing that, look these are the other things I can do. It's really, really important.

Years ago I worked with a marketing company and there are some companies that only thought they did one type of marketing, and there was other clients that thought the only did another type of marketing.

So we put together a campaign where we were sending out regular newsletters and stuff in the post, and we were saying look we just had great success building an exhibition stand, for example, we've just had great success designing a magazine or whatever.

So the other client said wow I didn't know you did this! So they started to inquire about the other services that that marketing company could deliver.

And it's the same with your business, you need to tell your current clients what else you can do. And also ask for referrals and believe me, that is the number one secret to growing your business. It's not difficult. If you've got current clients right now, they are your best source of referrals.

So, good luck, start communicating with them, start adding more value, and I'll see you on the next video. And don't forget go onto my website, and you can download my free 5 Steps To Building A Personal Brand and lots more information on there, there's more videos and until next time, see you then. Bye.

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