The beauty and possibilities of life

Simon Jordan, Coaching, Branding, Marketing, Websites, Design
Today is the summer solstice and I woke early with the sun streaming through the window and the birds chirping. When I looked out of the window I was presented with this incredible view (image above). The sun beaming through the clouds on to the lush green landscape below. I couldn’t help but smile.

'...each moment is perfect and beautiful in its own right.'

When I see views like this it reminds me of the beauty and possibilities of life. It reminds of what an amazing world we live in. The opportunities, the wonder, the excitement that lays ahead of us if we choose to tune in and be part of it. Life is about energy and when we focus on this we are enlightened by it. So go see that film, get excited, read that book, meet that person, get up and watch the sunrise, stay up and watch the last rays of sun dip below the horizon. Write down your thoughts, laugh, cry, shout, scream even. Stop and watch as the rain drips off a petal, smell the air, smile at a stranger, be still, run around, walk slowly, be here and be present for whatever you choose to do and be. For each moment is perfect and beautiful in its own right. Life truly is amazing and also short. Be grateful for all you have and find contentment in it.

Life is a mixed bag and we can’t be happy and smiley all the time, it’s just not natural but we can see beyond the drama. We can choose to focus on the good and leave all the other stuff to do its own thing. We can either complain about the rain or learn to dance in the puddles. It’s all about choices. We have control over our emotions and if our default setting is slightly grey then our life will be one of ‘slightly grey’.

We bring into our lives (and business) what we put out. Imagine a clean and shiny mirror clean. It will only reflect back things that are clear and bright. Whereas a mirror with mud and marks on it will never show or reflect life clearly. Which mirror do you choose to be? What life do you choose to reflect? Shiny and bright or muddy with marks?

The more I choose the mindset of 'clean and shiny' using this metaphor, I have experienced great things coming my way. This way of being has spilled over into every area of my life. My business, my friendships, my partner and I'm pretty darn sure my 2 dogs too. The world has become brighter and filled with even more possibilities.

So my friend what do you choose?

There's one other big thing I can say that's made a dramatic affect on my life, come close.... closer still..... 'I don't watch, read or listen to any of the news anymore' I'll leave that one with you.

To your onward bright and shiny future.


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