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One of the reason businesses fail is because, they aren't talking the right language of their prospective clients / customers

That's quite a bold statement so let me explain.

You may have a fantastic product or service but, if you aren’t selling it right, then nobody will buy. Obvious right? But what does ‘selling it right’ mean.

Let me give you an example

If I were to promote myself and create a leaflet offering my services and had on the front the words Brand and Marketing Services I know this would not work that well and here’s why.
My prospective clients aren’t really looking for Brand and Marketing, what they are really looking for, is for someone who can help them build their business, generate more leads, become well known in their field, create online sales, get asked to speak on stages, get their book published, be asked on radio shows etc., etc.,

So with this knowledge in mind, if I were to create a new leaflet that had the words on it that said

Looking to generate more clients for your coaching business?
Want to have great online engagement, leading to a flood of leads?

Do you see the difference?

The first states what I do and the features, the other shows the benefits and that’s what is key.

In order to offer out our services clearly and concisely, we need to know what our prospective clients want.
They need what you can offer in terms of coaching and consultancy but, they don’t want it and this is the HUGE difference. So huge and important in fact, I wrote it in capital letters.

Here’s another example.

Years ago I had ruptured a disc in my lower back and I was in agony. I was dosed up on painkillers and hobbling around on crutches. I was a mess and feeling very sorry for myself.
I had to visit a client who worked in the well being industry. As I walked (or hobbled) to her office door I passed a table with an assortment of leaflets spread out on it. These were leaflets from Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reiki Practitioners and Sports Therapists. They could all have helped me with my back but, none of them were speaking my language. At that moment all I wanted to do was to feel better again, to be off the painkillers and to be able to move properly.
The last leaflet at the end of the table caught my eye. It was blue and had at the top of it
Suffering with back pain?
Want to be free of painkillers and get back into life again?

Now what do you think I did?
I would have jumped onto it but, the state I was in I carefully and painfully leant down and picked it up.

At the bottom of the front cover was a logo and text for a Pilates studio.
After my appointment I called the lady up and the rest is history.
I still use the same exercises today and haven’t had a disc issue since.

So let’s break this down.
All the other leaflets had their logos prominently displayed on the top of them instead of offering the benefits or connecting with their target market. Whereas the Pilates lady understood that someone with back pain (such as myself at the time) wouldn’t be looking for Pilates, they would be looking to heal the pain. See the difference? And that is why so many businesses fail when it comes to promoting their products and services and it’s such a shame because they’ve worked so hard to create the business and then, to have it fail because it’s not being offered up properly is such a shame and I don’t want this for you.

So here’s my gift to you.
On this link here – I’ve created a single A4 sheet (PDF) which I’ve called the Top 10 Issues list.
On here you will see 2 columns. First column is where you write the list of the current issues your target market have. Then the second column is where you write how you can help them.

Now, this list if you do it properly and really step into the mind of your prospective clients, will help you generate all the ideas you need to grow your business in terms of products, books, blog posts, audios, videos you name it. Once you know what they want and understand what words, sentences they are using in terms of what they are looking for then bingo you my friend are setup and flying.

I call this list my million dollar idea generator or pounds if you’re in the UK.

The trick is to almost meditate and become your prospect. What are they thinking? What are they worrying about in terms of what you can offer?

Coaching for example, your prospects could be worried about lacking focus, low energy, imposter syndrome or not being worth it.

Once you’ve come up with the list, then write down how you can help them.

For example

The solution could then be delivered as 1-2-1 coaching, or a Facebook group, or a series of videos / audios delivered daily to their inbox.

The top 10 issues list really is one of the simplest and best tools I have and I want you to use it and get the most from it.
I am constantly updating mine. As I work with my clients, I am always listening to what issues are coming up for them and making notes on how I can create something that would help them and others with the same issue.

So here’s the download link again.
Simply right click and Save File As.

Good luck and any questions, you know where I am.

Here's to your success and wearing a big silly grin on your face.

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With gratitude


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