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So what are your plans for 2021?

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So, it's the first week of January and everyone's normally panicking about; Well, I've got to change my diet. I've got to get a fitness regime. I need to start journaling. I need to start eating healthier. I need to set up a new business. I need to sell my business differently. I need to do all these different things. I need to go more on TikTok or Instagram or whatever it might be, lots and lots and lots of noise.

When in fact what we should be doing, is shutting the #### up and surrender and listen to what actually wants to come through.

And that is something so many of us never do, because we're distracted.

We see all these other entrepreneurs doing live TikTok videos or all this kind of stuff, and journaling, and getting up at 3 in the morning and only having two hours sleep a night, we feel we should be doing the same. And you know what for them, it might be perfect. That's their path. That's their vision. That's their way of life.

I've seen this so many times, and I’ve done it myself. You will see this program, or a course by certain guru, expert, whatever. You think I'm going to do that because I am going to make all those changes in my business and get all this income because I'm going to follow their system.

And sometimes yeah, that system might be perfect for you. That fitness regime might be fit for you.

But, what I want you to do before you make any decisions in changing your life and throwing out things, and starting and stopping or whatever, is to actually tune in. And what I mean by that is shutting up and listen. What actually do I want to be doing? Because there's no point starting something that you're not really going to enjoy, you know, if journaling is not for you why do it? If going on Instagram is not really for you. That's not really where your heart is. Why do it then?

You've got to come from a place of love and change the energy of that. And so many people do all these different things and what normally happens is, and I've done it myself! You'll see a course and you'll go great. I'm going to do that, and I spend all this money and time and I never get the same results.

That's because the person delivering that course and their success, is not your success. You see, their energy is different, their connections are different from you, their path is different.

So when I work with my clients, I lay out the foundation on how to build your brand. This is how to build the website and all the rest of it. This is how to build your engagement online. But you must listen to what it means to you, all the way through. Listen to the heart not the head. The head is the one for distraction, the head will mess up your life all the time with the doubt, fear and all the rest of it.

But when you want to listen and hear what wants to come through, that is the key. What wants to come through for you?

Not for the next person, not for someone else, for you.

Time to be selfish for a moment, because when you lean back into the path and surrender to it instead of being distracted by all the stuff, you'll start to get the messages.

For example, if you're thinking of moving house and you think; that's not quite right. Ask. What wants to come through? Where do I need to be going right now? Show me some signs. And you'll start seeing, you might pick up a book with a title that's the same type of the place you're going to move to for example.

When I learned this, everything transformed and I mean everything. So stop all the confusion and think about if you want to change part of your business, for example, just meditate on it. Listen.

What are the messages that are coming up? Is this right for me? Does it feel right for me? Am I going to enjoy the process? Does it sit well with me? Rather than just jumping in with two feet and going crazy and wasting all your time and effort, and then ending up with something just nothing but stress and worry. Just stop the distraction.

You know, do you need to journal, do you need to be on all the social media accounts? Maybe you do. I don't know.
But all I'm asking for you before you leap into 2021 and going hell for leather, and doing this and end up getting burnt out by the beginning of February, is just to listen. What actually feels right?

Sometimes we’re scared of not doing anything aren’t we. But you know what, when you stop, relax, surrender, stop all the noise, you can suddenly leap so far further forward.

So, that's my message and I hope you appreciate this and it's been of some help but believe me I was there for so many years, all the distractions, all the different programs, and spending time and money, and never really getting anywhere until I stopped all that and actually listened to what wanted to come through, and everything skyrocketed.

So thank you for listening. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year. I know it could be another very weird year like 2020, but remember to control the controllables. How you react and how you move forward is the important thing and that's what we can control and I'm asking you just to stop and appreciate what you've got right now, what wants to come through, instead of leaping forward into the next big thing.
Thanks for watching. See you soon. Bye.

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