There is no hustle when you’re in the flow

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There is no hustle in the flow.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So all this week on social media, we've been putting out posts about being in flow. About aligned business growth.

See I've been in my practice now for over 11 years, and I've spent so much of that, I would say three-quarters of that, hustling, fighting to grow my business and, consequently because of that fighting because of that hustling, that energy I was putting out there, I was attracting the wrong clients. I was struggling to get paid. I was fighting to get heard, all this kind of stuff and it was a real pain in the backside.

And when I learned that actually when you tune in to what the universe wants for you, and align my business with what needs to be done.

So it's about listening. Everything just fell into place. Clients come through with ease, work gets done with ease. I get paid with ease. So much simpler.

So if you're in business at the moment and it's chaotic, the clients you're working with aren't your ideal clients in terms of: their being a pain, their not paying on time. What's that telling you about you?

Because the main factor in all of this, in all of your growth over the years, is you.

So you're the main point where it's coming from.

You see your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world. So if your internal world is one of chaos, one of drama, one of hustling, one of dog-eat-dog, all these kind of things. What's the external world going to be showing you?

So if you are having all this hassle, this chaos, this drama. It's coming from you. It sounds a bit weird, but it's coming from you.

Here's an example, and this has been scientifically done.

It's a weird experiment. But if you get a room, and fill it with tuning forks, and you say, take the tuning fork of the key of A and you bing it so it makes the key of A, the sound. None of the other tuning forks will vibrate apart from the ones with the same key, the key of A.

And that's about energy. It's an example of how energy works. So if your vibration, your tune if you were a tuning fork, your noise is one of chaos, one of anger, one of the lack, one of fear. What else is going to vibrate and be attracted to you? Fear, chaos, drama, all that kind of stuff.

But when you relax back into the universal flow and in the ease of it all, you start to attract similar things.

So if you're coming from a place of, or the vibration of gratitude, one of love, one of ease, what do you think comes through all of that? So ask yourself right now; “What is my life wanting to tell me?”

I'll say that again. “What is my life wanting to tell me?”

So if there's drama out there, chaos, even ill health all this kind of stuff. Look inward. What is that saying about me?

You see what I work with my clients, we build their business when it's aligned with them. I don't go ahead and say right you've got to use all the social media. You've got to be on Tik Tok. You’ve got to be Instagram. You’ve got to be doing this. You need to be doing videos, blah blah blah, all this kind of stuff because that's what everyone else says you need to be doing. It's about tuning in to you.

What do I want to be doing? What sits right with me?

And it's when you know yourself and you get the headspace and you can quieten, because as entrepreneurs we can get distracted by so many different things. As we see a new technology, or we should be doing that because other people are doing it, but actually when you stop and listen, is that right for me, does that sit well with me? Does that work with me? And when you build your business out like that it's so much simpler. It's easeful, and that's what I want for you.

So what's going on now? What's happening inside of you? And then how can you change that?

Honestly, gratitude is one huge way to change the vibration of you as the tuning fork. So come from a place of gratitude.

First of all, look at what you're doing. Even the challenges, you could look at as something to be grateful for because it's teaching you something. This challenge, this chaos What am I learning from it? The universe will always give you lessons.

So when you tune into that, okay, what do I need to learn from this? Accept it, stop blaming, and then just see what happens. I tell you it is so easeful when you come into the space of flow. There is no hustle. There is no dog-eat-dog. It's all easeful. That's my lesson for today.

Bit more of a spiritual lesson in terms of marketing, but it's where I'll get all my clients to come from because, once you're there it is a dream. I promise you. Ever since I learned this clients come through and it's a joy to work with so thank you for watching.

You want more information go to my website and I'll see you on the next episode.


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