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Are you thinking of starting video blogging but not sure how to start and what equipment to buy? I’ve recently upgraded my kit and it was pretty cheap, to be honest, and if you’ve been watching some of my Facebook lives I've have had a lot of people asking me what kit I use, so I thought I’d do a quick video and list everything I use.

Why create videos for your business?
It shows the real you
It builds a connection with your tribe where the big corporates can’t
It’s easy to deliver – once you get the hang of it
3 items from 1. From doing a video you can also take off the audio creating a podcast and then have the video transcribed creating a blog post too. So you end up with a video, text for a blog and a podcast. Cool huh!


Ring Light Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit: 48 centimeters Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light Light Stand Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphone Youtube Self-Portrait Video Shooting – Click here

Other portable lights I use
Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit Includes:(2)3200-5600K CRI 96+ Dimmable Light with U Bracket and Barndoor, (2)74.8 inches L – Click here

Portable Soundproofing
Great for deadening the sound. Fits around the mic and it's portable Neewer NW-13 Foldable Compact Microphone Isolation Shield with Tripod Stand, Studio Mic Sound Absorbing Foam Reflector for Sound Recording, Podcasts – Click here

Foam panels to stick to the walls
Pro-coustix Ultraflex Studio Pack One Acoustic Treatment Kit – Click here

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout  Click here

Stand for fitting the Yeti mic to your deskClick here

Rode Lapel Mic. I use when recording to my iPhoneClick here

Wind protector for Rode Lapel Mic. Vital if you want to do any outside recordingClick here

Ecamm Live Video recording for Facebook Lives or record to direct to your PC or MacClick here

iPhone Mic Adaptor for Rode Lapel MicClick here

ADDING CAPTIONS – Free service up to 500 mgb files – Paid – Paid
Transcription from the video

So, what do you need when you start video blogging?
Hi I'm Simon Jordan and I want to welcome you back
to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

So on today's episode, it's all about video blogging.
Now I've done them before.

And I've shared my hints and tips, I think the five tips to video blogging I shared before

But I've had a lot of people say "What equipment do you use?"

Well, a lot of the time you can use these. Simple. They are brilliant.

Back in the day when I first started, these were awful

They really were, iPhones and all phones were just terrible
You were better off drawing to be honest!

But, I'm going to show you now, do a quick tour of the office

It will only about 30 seconds to show you what I've got and where I post this video

I will also post a link to all of the equipment.

So let's go over there now.

So, this is, I'm going to do a quick tour of my office/studio whatever you want to call it! The dog is optional!

That's Amber! So, very simple, this is the gear.

I'm using, it's a Mac Book Pro. You don't need that.
I used, to record it on there, which you would have seen at the beginning of this video, a bit of software call Ecamm Live, again I will put the link on the page, which I'll give at the end, which will have all the equipment list on.

But all the lighting I'm using is by a company called Neewer
I'll show you the logo. See it on the back of there, Neewer
So this is a ring light. Absolutely brilliant.
You can adjust it, this plastic comes off, this is an orange filter
You can put a clear filter on there.
These are just headphones so we just ignore these.
This one is separate, that's just a separate thing
So when I turn that off, I've still got that because it's quite a dark corner

For the podcasting, these are brilliant for sound deadening
If I come over here, the sound is a bit more boomy
But as I move over to this corner, as you can hear the sound now it's quieter it's deeper, it's better, so these absorb the sound.

So what else do I use? I use a Yeti Mic which is brilliant.
And this is the stand. Really simple to put together, but really, really good. Fantastic setting on there, excellent.

Uses a USB connection, really, really good.
Other light here. So I actually use this light for lighting up this part here.

What you actually want is 3 point lighting
So you want to have light in front of you

Which obviously gives a nice bright light across your face
You then have a light shining on this side, a light shining on this side
But I'm very lucky to obviously have this brilliant light.

To be honest, to get really, really simple you can just have this. And what you've got in here, I don't know if you can see this, but there's a little unit in there which fits your phone too and it actually looks, and I'll show you on here,it's one of these bit of kits. So you fit that.

That goes on to there, and then you can adjust it.
So you actually only need just that light. It's absolutely brilliant.
It's a really good bit of kit.

But as I said, these lights, they change.
So if I can change the back of here, so you will see

There you go, so that's a white light, and if I turn it down it's now a warmer light, and I can adjust that as well.

So really great, very, very cheap, very portable, they come in their own little cases, so really really worthwhile doing it.

And then I edit everything on iMovieHD which comes free with the Mac and in fact, a lot of the time, I don't even do that.
It's very simple, if you are using a Mac, you can do it in Quicktime.

None of these videos are scripted. You can probably tell!
I don't have anyone else.

My PA then puts all the captions on there.
There's various different services, again I will put all the links on the blog post for that.

But that's it. It's really, really simple.
And the best thing to do, as I say to a lot of my clients is to, just to practise.
Just to get out there and practise.
You know, you can read all the books, do the courses, but practise makes perfect. It really does.
Don't wait for the perfect moment, perfect lighting, all the rest of it just get out there and practise. What i've said to a lot of my clients is, have a go. Do a little video on how to make a cup of tea for example.

Do one on your morning routine. Whatever it is. Just get used to doing video.

I mean I've being doing this now for about 10 years, so I'm very used to it.
If someone puts a camera on me, I can deliver a talk on whatever the subject is.

But it really is just about getting practise. It really is.
You know, if you look at some of my earlier videos they were terrible.
But at least I started. And that's the best way forward. It's imperfect action.
So anyway, we are going to go back now to the main video.

And, speak to you then!

So that's it really. It's actually very, very simple.

Lighting now, when I first started off, I used to have these huge big canopies for the defusion and all the rest of it.

And it was cumbersome, and a real pain in the backside.

So these days it's so much simpler.

So go to my website. On here it will be

So all one word, videoequipment. It will all be on there. It will all be on there.
And, check the links and that's it.

So if you want any more information, go and check out my website as well, as I've said, and there's more hints and tips on there. How to build your brand, how to build your business. Loads of great info for you.

I look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Take care. Bye.

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