What are the keys to success?

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My four keys to success.

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

Well today I'm talking about my 4 keys to success.

So what is success first of all? Well success can mean many different things to a lot of people

For some it's about all the money, the big house, the fast car and all the rest of it, but for others it's about making a difference in the world.

And I love the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I'm paraphrasing here, but “true success is knowing that someone else has breathed more easily because you've been there”. I love that. So let's say we're focusing on that type of success.

I mean to be honest. It's this my 4 keys would cover everything.

So the first one is FAITH.

You need to have faith in your own skills your own ability to gather skills or to connect with people who will help you get to where you want to be, wherever that might be. So that's number one, FAITH.

Second one is BELIEF.

You need to have the belief that it will actually happen because if you don't have that, you might as well stop right now, and go get a job or whatever it might be. But if you're working for yourself, you need to have belief that you can go out and actually achieve it. It's really really key. Because when you vibrate at that kind of energy you attract that good energy back into you.

The third one is you've got to have the GUTS and the confidence to actually start.

Now a reason a lot of people fail in business is because, one they don't start and two they stop. So you need to have those guts and that confidence to get out there and actually make it happen.

So when you combine the things together the faith, belief, and the guts and the confidence whatever you want to call it, to actually make it happen. So if you've got all that in a beautiful package, it’s no good just sitting there, which comes to my fourth point, the fourth key to success and that is ACTION.

You've got to have action, you know, if you could be the world's best car designer, but no one can drive the idea in your head can they, you've actually got to make it. So it's about taking action.

So what steps can you make to achieve that so whatever success means to you, work backwards. So if you do, for example, you want to go and help a thousand people make a difference in the world. How can you do that? Can you break that down into weekly habits, monthly habits?

So those are my 4 keys to success: FAITH, BELIEF, GUTS and ACTION. Action is really key and the universe rewards action as well.

So thank you very much for listening. That's you can subscribe on this YouTube channel, or wherever you're watching here. You can go to my website www.SimonJordan.com, and you'll get my brand building guide on there and lots of other hints and tips, but I look forward to seeing you next week on another marketing hints and tips.

Here’s me Simon Jordan saying goodbye.

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