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So, what do you do when you get stuck for ideas of what to write about?

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and I want to welcome you back to another episode of my "Marketing Hints and Tips."

So, last week's episode, I talked about your target market and what is it they actually want. I'm going to carry on from that subject because this is so crucial.

And what I said last week was the essence of marketing is understanding what is going on in the mind of your target market.

The essence of marketing is understanding what is going on in the mind of your target market.

This is crucial. I can't state this enough. That's why I wanted to do this as well.

So if you are, you're huddled over the keyboard and thinking what am I going to write about this week, what do I video, what do I blog post, what do I podcast or whatever it might be, this is a really simple way of doing it.

As you listen, as you work with your clients, your customers, always be listening out to what's going on, what they are needing right now, what their issues are. What are their pain points? And then work out, well, how do you solve that?

So let's say, for example, you're a coach and the issue that you have is say confidence, for example. That can come in many different guises, isn't it? It could be the confidence to go out dating. It could be the confidence to stand up on stage and give a public talk.

I mean, that's a big confidence issue, so let's focus on that.

So, let's say you've got a number of clients that are giving their first speaking gig and they really don't feel confident.

So, make a note of that and then work out well, how can you add value to their lives? How can you add value in getting them to overcome their nerves?

And the great late Jim Rohn, amazing business philosopher, once said, "You are paid for the value you bring to the marketplace, not your time." So we should always be adding value.

So let's go back to that confidence issue. If you can write a piece, record a video like this or whatever on how they can overcome confidence, it could be the 5 steps to being more confident on stage, the 5 steps to delivering a fantastic talk, whatever that might be.

And then break it down. How would you deliver that? And then record a video, write a blog post or maybe do all of them, and then deliver that. Send that out as a newsletter, put it out on all your social media.

So, the key thing is always know what your target market want. I'll say that again. Always know what your target market want.

And I'm giving away, really simple, this bit of paper, it's the Top 10 Issues list. I give this to all my clients. This is a million dollar idea creating tool. It really is fantastic.

When you consistently fill this tool in, this bit of paper, you will always have ideas to write for books, for seminars, for programmes, whatever it is. It really is fantastic.

When you keep this up-to-date, when you're constantly listening to what your target market want, fill this in, you will never be short of an idea. I promise you.

So the main thing is just keep listening to what your clients want, make a note of it and then working out, well, how would you solve that? And can you package that in a way which will be on a blog post or a video or a podcast, whatever medium you use? Really simple.

So you can get a copy of this if you go to my website. It's down there. www.SimonJordan.com.

And there's loads of other stuff on there. There's branding and personal branding issues, issues... Start again. Go to my website. I'm trying out a new tongue today and obviously a new brain. Get on my website. You sign up. On there, you can get a copy of this and also my branding book which is how to build your brand, a profitable brand as well which is very important and loads of other stuff as well. Loads of other goodies.

So go there now, www.SimonJordan.com. Until the next episode, and I will try and get my words down properly. I'll see you then. Take care, bye!

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