I hated it enough to make a change. What do you hate?

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What do you hate?

Hi, I'm Simon Jordan and welcome back to another episode of my marketing hints and tips.

I'm out in the fields today and I just love nature. The sun shining, taking the dogs for a walk down now to the to the bay so they can have a swim in the sea.

Now, I started off asking “What do you hate?”

That's quite a strong question, isn't it really. Because hate, certainly with what's going on in America right now is a lot of hate and anger. But I mean this in a positive way. Which sounds weird. But what do you hate in your business, or in the world, that you are making a difference to change that?

For example, if you're a coach or a consultant, and you hate the fact that there are people out there who are suffering. You hate the fact that people are abusing themselves. You hate the fact that people don't show enough self-love.

So you are going to use that hate, that energy, that fire, that anger, to change that. To send out more love.

So you see what I mean, there is a positive in here.

So I'll give you another example. Three years ago, its now 2020 when i’m filming this, and I saw a dying seabird on the beach. It had some plastic wrap around his head. And it filled me with such anger, and hatred for how we humans are treating the planet. I created my environmental initiative #5ThingsClear.

And that hatred, that anger, spurred me on to do something in the world. To make a difference. And now as people all over the world who are part of that initiative, who are making a difference, are cleaning up the planet. And are now working with the local councils around here near the bay, and we getting together and doing beach cleans, and educating people, talking in schools, and that kind of stuff.

So I turn that hate of what was happening into a positive.

So what do you hate in your business, in your in the world, enough to share your love? To make that change. So really simple but powerful question today.

So, what do you hate? It's a very, very simple question. But really powerful when you tune into it.

So I want you to look at that and use that energy to create something positive, and flood the world with your love, and your knowledge, and your expertise, to make a difference, to leave your legacy.

And that's it from me, walking down by the bay with my dogs and Gina. Their they are, Poppy’s waiting for me to throw the stick!

But it is a glorious day here, it’s the 2nd of June. Gorgeous.

So, for more information, building your brand for coaches and consultants, go to my website www.SimonJordan.com. Until next week.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for commenting on these, share more love, take care of you. All the best. Bye.

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