What do you want your clients saying about you?

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So what do you want your clients saying about you?
Hi this is Simon Jordan from another episode of 60 seconds help from Simon Jordan.com

What do you want your clients saying about you? This is a question I asked my clients and it's a great way to put out the universe if you're not getting those responses yet you write down ok I want my clients saying wow they were amazing. The service was fantastic. Every detail was thought about, they over delivered all that kind of stuff.

If you are not getting those kind of responses now what could you be doing? You can break down your business the from start, the first conversations and the finally voice to whatever you deliver after that. And look at ways you can improve those steps, because all those kind of things help to go to build the whole overall brand. And if you want people saying those things about you, think about what you can do to make that happen. How can you get that wow experience from the first touch point to the final handshake when the job is over. So what is it you can do?

So this would be me Simon Jordan of 60 seconds help. To get my free e-book check out what else I'm doing. Go to SimonJordan.com until next time
See you then, bye.

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