How to build a personal brand – Part 1 Authenticity

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Transcription from the video

What is being authentic about?

Hi this is Simon Jordan and this is another episode of my 60 seconds help.

This is actually a series of videos all about creating a personal brand.

So on this one I want to talk about being authentic. Authenticity within your brand. So what does that mean? Because that word gets banded around quite a bit but just means being you the genuine version of you. Not a fake you, not a fake it till you make it you are a real version of you and that's so important. And the great thing about being you is you can be you, the genuine version of you. That's so key because you never know when someone's going to watch your video online on your Web site wherever. So it's important to get the real passionate version of you across. Or maybe this slightly shy version of you. I'm going to talk about vulnerability on one of the other videos, but, it's really important because people want to know who is the person behind the business. They want to see the real you because, we buy from people we know, like and trust isn't that right. And by being authentic you're going to build up that trust as well. So when you're thinking about doing a video or writing a blog post, do it from a place of truth, do it from a place in your heart. It's so important, so authentic, authenticity rather is such an important part of your personal brand. Whatever you share on line, whatever you write about do it from the heart. Share the real you.

So this is me Simon Jordan. Sign up for me free e-book on how to build a personal brand on, and I'll catch you on the next episode bye.

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